Thursday, October 1, 2009

Roman Polanski is my hero!

For over thrity years Roman Polanski mister convinced the French that forcible sex with a drunken drugged thirteen year old girl was PERFECTLY NORMAL!

Amazing. Dumb ass Frenchies swallowed the guff. And made themselves look immortally stupid in process. As if anywhere outside of degenerate Islamic hinterlands such is considered healthy and logical.

For years, French persons were insisting 'no, Roman Polanksi is an important artist and creative genius, assuredly if he wuffed a thirteen year old it was tres bien'.
He forced himself on a child - for French, apparently nothing extraordinaire. Child rape common as daylight in France. In between smearing cheese, splashing pefrume, and smoking foul gitanes.
Pocque pocque pocque la belle Americaine stupide, c'est normale mon vieux!

Sorry, you goat-humping frogs, not even if she spread legs for entire French parliament saying "come bang me big boys" would it be passable. Thirteen years old! Merde!
What you were thinking!
But you were so pleased that he sought France to hide out, having in nowadays era so very few men of talent at all in France that one more no matter how ethically and morally crippled was welcome addition. A vrai intellectuel! And she only une Yanquie! Ne pas de probleme!

And we all know what you lot think about sex anyways, do we not?

Anything better than the English style. Turn portrait of old lady to wall and do it rigorously with someone younger. Plus, you despise the Americans.

Now it bites. You look pretty silly protecting international pervert. Thirty years, what? Are you proud of that? Artisitic pretentions, oui, yet nothing more than a common rogue.

Makes one wonder how many French thirteen year olds he got to while there. And how many of those found him in any case far cleaner than French rapists.
Probably bit of a relief not having poxy frog whiffing in the old featherbed.
Life a living hell in France, but not all stinko at all times, merci bonne dieu.

Go one, have some more wine, silly French chappies. It will help you forget that you gladly hosted a man who cannot be trusted with your daughters.
Any of them, maybe even all of them.
For making fools out of you he deserves a medal.
After being killed for being a horrid degenerate first, of course.

Alors enfants de la patrihihiya, le jour de gloire est arrivee! Pom pom, pom pom, pohom pom pom, pompompom pom, da da daa da daha daaaaaa!