Saturday, March 28, 2009

Prawns Ballichao

If made with extra vinegar, turmeric, and salt, this can be bottled.
It will keep a few days regfrigerated evenso, and is better the next day.

Prawns Ballichao

Two pounds small prawns, shelled and veined.
One cup fine chopped onion.
Half cup chopped tomato.
Two tablespoons chili paste.
One tablespoon jaggery.
One teaspoon garam masala.
Half a teaspoon ground black pepper.
Quarter teaspoon each ground cumin, turmeric, salt, cayenne.
Half a cup of vinegar, half a cup of tamarind water.

Whirr all except prawns, onion, tomato in a blender. Hot fat fry the prawns two minutes, remove and drain. Brown onions, add masala. Momentarily after add the tomatoes. Cook till blended well. Add the prawns and fry till done.

This is a good side dish, and well with vegetables and rice.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Goan Prawn

And more so than the English, Goanese like their pr0wn. If not for parwns, no life.
Or so I have been told.
Goan seafood is very good. There are several fine restaurants in Bombay that serve Goan foods. But best it is to make the dishes at home.

Goan Jhingga Masala

Two pounds large fresh prawn, shelled and veined.
Half cup oil, half cup finely chopped onions.
Two tablespoons chili paste.
One tablespoon ground turmeric.
One teaspoon turmeric.
Half teaspoon each: sweet red pepper powder, cinnamon powder.
Quarter teaspoon clove powder.
Plenty chopped ginger, a little garlic.
Three or four tablespoons vinegar.
Three or four tablespoons tamarind water.

Whirr all except prawns oil, and onion in the blender. Water may be added.
Fry onions golden brown. Add masala, cook till the oil separates.
Add prawns, cook till done.

This dish should be a nice ruddy in hue. It will be good with rice, but roti also can.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Peasants Are Revolting!

Last Monday at exactly and approximately four thirty five in the PM afternoon I turned the corner on Sacramento and Montgomery and ran smack dab into a song and dance troupe from the People's Republic Of Berkeley.

They were performing their version of a sprightly dance, or cultural manifestation of somehow great import, outside the Israeli Consulate.

For further referencing of the event, please to be kindly visiting this blog article:
After you have been finished reading my humble and lovely text of course naturally.

Boy oh boy and goodly gracious me but I wish they would not do so. I truly dislike having to elbow my way through a throng of unwashed hippies and elderly Jew-hating lizards.

I am not particularly concerned about the health of the gentleperson on whose wounding concern they were all aroused either, I should think not. Apparently the dumb ass knowingly took part in a violent riot directed at the Israeli Defense Forces. Had it been the Pakistan-India frontier, the chutiya would've been machine-gunned and serve him jolly well right. Whichever side he fancied himself solidaire with. Stupid fool.

But, caught a tear gas cannister in the kisser, and was promptly evacuated to an Israeli hospital. Should've instead driven him to Amman in Jordan and let the gandu Arabs take care of his head.

Well, if there is any justice in this world (and, being a lawyer myself, I'm fairly certain there isn't), they can try his bollocky buttocks for sabotage, rioting, and terrorism, and lock him up with all those Pally pakolis in the Israeli brigs. Lets see how that mendoo harami likes that, eh?

Bloody kattoo barber! Or, in plain and simple English as is spoke, a bendi, a champak, a chagan, and a fool.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Changing Bandra

Bandra, which was once the Queen of the Suburbs slowly slowly becoming a Muslim stronghold. The Parsees have gone long ago, now even the Christians are flocking with boundless enthusiasm to depart.
Only Muslims and Sindhis are left in Bandra in our day, one wonders how they can stand each other only.

Formerly mostly Catholic, Bandra was famous for its Churches and two atashbeheram (Pantaki and Tata, though the latter is more less - both atash e adaran).
Especially to be mentioned in a most particular regard is Mount Mary's Church, on hill facing the ocean, which contains a Christian idol that is several centuries old. It is rumored by the superstitious of far around to be miraculous. Many Goanese desire to visit in September, and also crores of devoted from other faiths who are hoping for blessings.

Bandra also Mumbai's most popular shopping destinations, as well also many famous fine dining.

West Bandra
West Bandra has Pali hill and the many impressive residences of Bollywood kingpins plus shopping and finely dining. Of particularly I mention the availability of kababs, most delicious, as cooked for centuries by Muslim chefs from United Province, plus delightful roasted fowls and fresh roti. There is also northern, Dilhwi style, Pakistani food, and vegetarian. SV Road, Linking Road, Water Field Road - remember these, but especially Pali Road for strange foreign foods. For instance sambar, rawa dosas and masala dosas, coconut chutney, and coffee.
Malwani food also available.

East Bandra
Konkni Mohametans settled three centuries in East Bandra, so making the neighborhood of Naopada, circulated about the Konkni Masjid and Mota Talao (now possessed to the city and named the Bandra Talao). Here is where State Government Employee Quarters and the Collectors Office are located.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Konkani fish curry

Konkanis cook well. Almost as good as Parsees. That is because they are Catholic.

Konkani Fish Curry

Two pounds firm fish, big chunks.
Half cup each: Oil, chopped onions.
Quarter cup chopped tomatoes.
One and a half cup coconut milk.
Half dozen green peppers, slit and seeded.
Two tablespoons chilipaste.
One tablespoon ground coriander.
One teaspoon each: ground cumin, turmeric, sweet chili powder.
A lot of chopped ginger, a little chopped garlic.
Half cup of weak tamarind water.

Whirr chili paste spices ginger garlic and tamarind water in the blender.
Brown the onions. Add tomatoes and masala, fry fiercely for two minutes. Add half the coconut milk and cook till oil separates. Put in the fish, green chilies, a few tablspoons of water, and a little more of the coconut milk. Cook five minutes. Pour in the last of the coconut milk, bring to a boil, and remove from heat. Serve with plain rice.
Simple and exquisite.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Link to Jack day

I am in receipt of a brief from another person.

This is not surprising, and there is no real cause to dwell upon the particulars. It is unactionable, and no law suit is either threatened or implied. There is no case entirely. It is not legal, nor is it insulting.

I post it here for your avid curiosity:


Hello Snooky and Grant,

Today is the second day of the third annual 'link to Jack day', an absurdist holiday in certain parts of the J-blogsphere.

For explanation, see here:

I have already done my celebratory duty and linked here:

Please join the happy throngs, and also link to Jack. Why? Because!
And after all, why not?



PS. Yes, Grant, I blind-copied Snooky on this e-mail. I really do not want you importuning her with unseemly requests for her panties or pajamas. I know you.


With greatness of pleasure I shall thus link to Jack - so that the Jack world may see how little Atboth is trusting me with the delectable miss Wong's pertinent contact information, how he now is looking askance at my as yet entirely hypothetical and thusfar nonexisting relation with the tasty temptress in questions.
Absurd, and woundful. As I am above all a gentleman. I would not worry her for her garments. It is up to her to gift them if she so chooses delightedly. And to whom is to be granted is her own beeswax truly. Nor would I suggest it in any other way. Mere curiosity of an intellectual nature need not be seen as a perverse desire to have, hold, stroke, and fondle, frillies.
Fair not, quite other, indeed!

Atboth, that was MOST unkind of you. But okay now. Hi Snooky.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Further to Pakistani depravity, with generous flavoring of Washingtonian imbeciles

US government seems much likely to have lost marbles, stuck head in a dark smelly place as regards Pakistan. Not much surprising, Pakistan is fundamental to misguided policies in which too much invested by Foggy Bottom and ignorant ideologues to give up now.

How to spell 'stupid'?
This way: W. A. S. H. I. N. T. O. ... etcetera.

US speeds up 'Save Pakistan' proposals
4 Mar 2009, 0527 hrs IST, Chidanand Rajghatta, TNN

Quotes: Tuesday's stunning terrorist attack in Lahore on the Sri Lankan cricket team has galvanized Washington into further speeding up efforts to save Pakistan from imminent collapse with massive amounts of economic and military aid.

---So that can succesfully kill all visiting sportsters next time?


Q: However, as with many US officials and lawmakers, including those from the previous administration, Obama also seemed to labour under the impression that the safe havens are confined largely to Pakistan's frontier regions, even events suggested terrorism has urban underpinnings with strikes in Islamabad, Karachi, Quetta, and in this instance, Lahore.

---Entire buggery Islamabad, even 100% of country, is a safe haven. Pakistani politicians provide safety for terrorists and jihadis in return for share in drug profits and prostitutes, besides being hatefilled murderous buggers themselves inimical to all rest of world. Save for drug-connexion, precisely like many dixie political bosses. Just more so and far worse.

Q: Studies by Pakistani researchers have shown that the country's Punjab region, home to Lahore, has emerged as the hotbed of radical activity and terrorist strikes. Many analysts have also pointed out that most of the wanted terrorists, including 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and alleged ISI ward Omar Saeed Sheikh, were captured or surrendered in cities.

---Punjabi enterprise. Too much butter, not enough brains. A degenerate and deviant population engaged in law breakings and several cruelties. Cornfed mutants.

Q: The headquarters of the ISI-sponsored Pakistani terrorist organization Lashkar-e-Taiba, which changed its name to Jamaad-ul-Dawa is in the town of Muridke, close to Lahore. The intelligence community in India and US believe LeT-JuD wards, trained by active or renegade ISI and Pakistan military officials, carried out the Mumbai attack.

---Renegade? Renegade?!?! Hah! Not bloody likely. Pakistani politicos are all murderers and thieves.


Q: The blogosphere was thick with speculation that the second group was trained to attack the Indian cricket team (which cancelled its tour of Pakistan after the Mumbai carnage), but "settled" for the largely Buddhist (and therefore "kaffir") Sri Lankan team.

---Religion of peace my buggery aunt! This shows all ways how murderous the witchcraft cult began by the child-molesting merchant rapist of Mecca actually is! If any religion should be banned and eradicated in the civilized world and Europe, it is Islam. But rather than leveling mosques, merely turn them into massage parlours and exercise clubs. Let the smell of wholesome sweat erase the frightful stench of the Qoran.

Q: Some Pakistani TV hosts, under the benign eye of the Islamic Republic's new civilian dispensation, vigorously promote such garbage as "kaffir" and "dar al-harb" to foster religious hatred.

---Further proof of Paki degeneracy!

Q: In Washington, where Pakistan is now viewed as a terrorist state by reputation if not by designation and headlines are describing it as the new Somalia, Obama referred to a comprehensive review of US policy on the region Washington now calls Af-Pak and said he will be making a series of announcement prior to the Nato summit that immediately follows the G-20 summit next month.

---Better make right decisions, boys. Take out Pakistan's military capabilities before they go feral. Otherwise, very likely dirty bomb attack in Western Hemisphere - London or New York. Maybe both.

Q: The scuttlebutt here is that the administration mandarins and senior lawmakers are lining up billions of dollars in fresh economic and military aid to Pakistan, in an effort, they say, to arrest its slide into chaos. There is consternation in Indian circles that such aid, without conditions and oversight, will push Pakistan towards further militarization as it did in the 1980s when Ronald Reagan's largesse resulted in engineering a hard-line militarised fundamentalist state.

---This would be stupidest American move ever.
War in Iraq not buggery goofy enough? Hah!
Bail-out of thieving banks and brokers not sufficiently loony? Double hah!
Gutting all environmental and FDA protections and protocols not entirely and completely disastrous? Triple hah!
Now watch rabid rogue state go into stratosphere of threatening, a danger to world far and wide. Also by means of agents in every Paki curry shop from here to Stratford and the furthest reaches of bollocky Europe continent.

Q: The leading light of what Indian analysts call Washington's misguided "throw-money-at-the-problem" policy is Senator John Kerry, who has taken the baton from vice-president Joe Biden to head the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, which will pilot the aid Pakistan project.

---Man's an idiot. Q.e.d.

Q: Congressional aides and administration officials are said to be conferring on an aid package to the tune of $5 billion to shore up Pakistan, which is desperately making the argument that it will fall victim to terrorism if it is not given large dollops of aid instantly. This is in addition to a $15 billion package spread over a decade (@ $1.5 billion annually) that is in the works.
The new aid package is being pushed by Kerry and co unmindful of government audit reports that say Pakistani military has defrauded the United States in the war on terror to falsely claim millions in US tax-payer dollars. Funds given to fight the war on terror on its Afghan border have also been diverted by the Pak army to bulk up for a confrontation with India

---Several more idiots. As well as multitudinous varieties of poltroons, inbreds, and downright irresponsible not to say ethically crippled swine. Who have no loyalty to the country which provides them so generously with a pork barrel to dispense to the thieving gandoos in Islamabad. But are possibly also themselves on the take, and receiving kickbacks and little girls (or little boys - we do not wish to be occused of sexism here) from antichrists in Paki military uniforms. Or Arabs.

Those Pakistanis!

They have done it again! You know what I'm talking about. Avery time one could be thinking that they have finally seen light, they are going and proving utterly how abysmally and incontrovertably pelagic and treasonous their thought processes are.

You cannot trust the Pakis I tell you. Each time it is warranted that you will be disappointed. No Pakistani EVER spoke a true word, let alone two or three of such locutions, and untterly impossible several of such uttered in a sentence, not to even mention paragraphs of those, or heaven forefend us chapters!!!!!!

A prabandam by no means utterly!

The book of truth cannot have a Pakistani author. It is not written in their language. It cannot be even pronounced in Urdu or Sindi, Seraiki or Panjabi, or Baloch and Pushto even.
It will completely not be published in their Karachi, nor sold in their Rawelpindi, busked in their Peshawar, or vended in Hyderabad also. You will despair of discovering such a tome become dusty and frayed upon their library shelves, or hidden only in the dankest cellars of their monumental buildings, maybe buried under stacks of mildewed decrees and counterstamped official forms awaiting the signature of some indolent bureaucrat, even holding up the leg of an uneven table in a miserable bustee flat.
It will not be there!

Liars. Chudiyas. Churis. Haramzadiyes.
Cusres upon them. And more!
Pakistan mardabad!!!!!!!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Khari biscuit!

At many Irani cafes the khari biscuit was devine! But where to find in San Francisco?

Do not be dismayed! Use packaged frozen puff pastry!

All you need is salt, ajwain and lal mirch.
Lal mirch is red pepper. What ajwain is in English, no idea! But nevermind. Just make fold overs, add spice, and bake as per direction.
Also make with cumin or black pepper, kasuri methi.

But if you insist on doing things the hard way, this is recipe:

One cup rice flour
One cup unbleached flour
One cup atta flour
Half cup ghee
Teaspoon salt

Mix the flours with cold water, ghee, salt and spice if desired. Chill for an hour. Then take it out and roll rectangules of the correct broadness, slightly longer length. Fold over four times. Chill again. Then can either fry or bake. Four hundred Fahrenheit ten-fifteen minutes, then 325 to 350 for about twenty minutes to gold and crisp.

Brushing top with butter is an optionality. If sprinkling cumin seeds, it is a requirement.

When eating, dip into your milk tea. It will be most delightful.