Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Those Pakistanis!

They have done it again! You know what I'm talking about. Avery time one could be thinking that they have finally seen light, they are going and proving utterly how abysmally and incontrovertably pelagic and treasonous their thought processes are.

You cannot trust the Pakis I tell you. Each time it is warranted that you will be disappointed. No Pakistani EVER spoke a true word, let alone two or three of such locutions, and untterly impossible several of such uttered in a sentence, not to even mention paragraphs of those, or heaven forefend us chapters!!!!!!

A prabandam by no means utterly!

The book of truth cannot have a Pakistani author. It is not written in their language. It cannot be even pronounced in Urdu or Sindi, Seraiki or Panjabi, or Baloch and Pushto even.
It will completely not be published in their Karachi, nor sold in their Rawelpindi, busked in their Peshawar, or vended in Hyderabad also. You will despair of discovering such a tome become dusty and frayed upon their library shelves, or hidden only in the dankest cellars of their monumental buildings, maybe buried under stacks of mildewed decrees and counterstamped official forms awaiting the signature of some indolent bureaucrat, even holding up the leg of an uneven table in a miserable bustee flat.
It will not be there!

Liars. Chudiyas. Churis. Haramzadiyes.
Cusres upon them. And more!
Pakistan mardabad!!!!!!!

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