Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Jewish Voice for Peace attack news

Fellow bloggerstress Balabusta in Blue Jeans also weighs in on the cruel assault on a pro-Israel activist by the ever-venomous and vile Jewish Voice for Peace soldiers. She says: "The Balabusta will add that she has met this lady many times, and that she has also seen JVP's choice of 'nonviolent' friends at a number of demonstrations. Given JVP's inability to notice threatening and violent behavior carried out by those they choose to like, I'm not surprised they also fantasize violence by those they attack."

Source is here:

As we say in Jewish, "kler, nu?!?"

(Not sure how they punctuate that or what precise it means, so added extra question mark for rhetorical effect. Effective yes what?!?)

Again, please to note: VICTIM IS A DISABLED WOMAN!

Quoting: "This is completely bizarre. I am a DISABLED WOMAN (see the legal notice on my car)."

Jewish Voice for Peace madderchotes physically tackled a disabled woman. How's that for bravery and boldness?!? Real courage bunch, those peaceful Berkeley lovers of savages.
Obvious, been hanging around too long with the 'Justice for Palestine' crowd, who threaten people on campus.

Quoting one more time:
"Several JVP members surrounded me and tried to take my camera from me. Then they attacked me. They took hold of my arms and would not let me go. They also pushed their chests into me many times and knocked me against a wall. I yelled at them 20 to 30 times to let go of me. They refused to let go of my wrists and forearms and continued to bang their chests into me. They banged me into the wall over a dozen times."

It is atmosphere of the university, you see. Admin too chicken to counter intimidation on campus, much of faculty too pro-Arab to object. Many of students too inherently violent and instinctively anti-American to act rational or accept alternate discoursivities. Many of Berkeley residents too solidaire with European socialist civilization haters to understand democracy, nuance, dialectic. University at Berkeley attracts two kinds people: nice hot intelligent young women, and thuggish brute radicals with sexual problems.

Oh, and Jewish Voicers for Peace also, who advocate in uncertain terms for destruction of democracy in United States (member overlap with CodePink and International A.N.S.W.E.R.), and expunction of only actual democracy in entire Middle-East, so that Arab dictotarships and Persian pervert theocracy not feeling so inferior.

Please to note again: VICTIM IS A DISABLED WOMAN!

How does one say 'despicable cowardice' by Jewish Voice For Peace members, sympathizers, or fellow travelers? How to say it in terms weak of brain "Jews of Convenience" like Cecilie Surasky and Matthew Taylor can be comprehending? How to say it simply softly enough that koodichoosing gandoo peace movements and socialist violent radical mainstreams overseas will realize that beating up middle-aged disabled non-violent concerned Jewish person is just NOT TO BE DONE?!?

Not, as is being said, quite cricket.

And once more quoting: "I am 58 years old. I have a Disabled Person’s license plate for my car. I am physically incapable of overpowering or attacking anybody! The people who attacked me were physically fit and at least 20 years younger than I"


Berkeley style of debate. Established, hoary tradition in that college burg, very common.

Taking lessons from small Dick Becker and Forrest Schmidt, is it? Maybe Kate bally buggery Bender Raphael also known as Jessica or Democracy Sometimes? Mediea "I hate other people" Benjamin? Terror-supporting professors at University of California at Berkeley? Vile poetaster Jack Hirshman selling revolutionary newspaper rags to slummers and tourists at Caffe Trieste? Monumental piece of work, you.

Convincing Jewish Voice For Peace of wrongness of their several behaviors impossible.
Far too self righteous, mentally rigid. Attempt is pro-forma, scant hope of success.

It is waste of time only.
Leftwing fringers and European concerned socialist Jew haters never conceive of ethical behaviors, nor honest decency. Jewish Voice For Peace lies and distortions accepted part of tale, as there is among that particular crowd no intelligence for critical thinking.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Jewish Voice for Peace and bully tactics

Yesterday evening there was a fracas at a Jewish Voice for Peace event, in which a middle-aged woman was victimized by several people. Jewish Voice for Peace has already come out with a press-release in which they desperately seek to put their spin on matters.

Truth, as is so often the case when JVP and similar groupings are involved, is not part of their narrative.

Here’s the victim’s account:

"Jewish Voice for Peace" has issued a press release that I attacked several people attending one of their events with pepper spray. They also go on to make absurd allegations regarding my politics and intentions at the meeting.

This is completely bizarre. I am a DISABLED WOMAN (see the legal notice on my car). I carry pepper spray as my only means to defend myself. It IS true that on the evening of November 14, at a JVP meeting, I needed to defend myself. I was physically attacked.

The JVP meeting at Berkeley Senior Center was advertised to the public. I attended this meeting as an individual and not as a member of any organization, in order to deepen my understanding of their perspective on the Middle East conflict.

Ironically, a stated goal of the meeting was to HONOR activists that had recently PHYSICALLY DISRUPTED a speech by Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu. Perhaps I should have understood that as a warning.

THE ATTACK: Around 20 minutes into the meeting, I tried to photograph a woman speaking in support of Israel. Almost immediately, several JVP members surrounded me and tried to take my camera from me. Then they attacked me. They took hold of my arms and would not let me go. They also pushed their chests into me many times and knocked me against a wall. I yelled at them 20 to 30 times to let go of me. They refused to let go of my wrists and forearms and continued to bang their chests into me. They banged me into the wall over a dozen times. Their faces were red from hatred and exertion. As a result of their violence, my wrists and arms are bruised and I am currently suffering serious pain in my lower back. I am unable to work this afternoon and I must take medication for pain relief.

I am a large woman but I am physically frail. As I said, I am disabled.
- I see a pain management physician regularly for chronic back pain. I am unable to move without severe back pain. I have had major surgery on my back. I am unable to stand for more than a couple of minutes without unrelenting back pain and sciatica pain.
- I also have had nine surgeries on my knees which are another main source of pain.
- I have asthma, and I use inhaled steroids daily; the anti-Israel activists’ attack on me exacerbated my asthma and I had to take medicine while at the senior center.
- I also have a serious blood disorder that weakens me. I am currently under treatment by a hematologist/oncologist, and I am on daily chemotherapy.

I am 58 years old. I have a Disabled Person’s license plate for my car. I am physically incapable of overpowering or attacking anybody! The people who attacked me were physically fit and at least 20 years younger than I;

While pleading with the attackers to let me go, I tried to get away but they followed me and kept grabbing my arms. At one point they knocked my camera out of my hand. I bent down to pick it up and tried to walk away. They followed me and continued to grab my arms and shove me into the wall. They isolated me from the rest of the crowd. Because they were beating me up and because I am disabled and could not defend myself otherwise, I sprayed pepper spray into one woman’s face. As soon as I did that, they all backed off from me and let me go.

I resorted to the pepper spray because I feared for my safety and my life!!! I believe that had I not used pepper spray, I would be in the hospital today suffering far more serious injuries. Pepper spray causes extreme discomfort but is unlikely to cause permanent injury. The purpose of pepper spray is to temporarily disable an attacker, to allow time for escape. It worked.

The JVP press release is an outright lie. I cannot and did not attack anyone. I was attacked!



The event was open to the public, and advertised as such. Public, in JVP terminology, may mean people who agree with distortions and untruths. Or violent psychopaths.
They're rather picky.

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Friday, November 12, 2010

It is a fish, it is a bird, it is a bad beat poet! And BAWIB too!

Am in receipt of nastigramme from black-garbed horrid people, other wise being known as Bay Area Women in Black.
No, not bunch of Sicilian grandmas, more like collective of poison spiders. Toxic dumpers.

As Steffy or Snooky so eloquently very well might put it, ick poo.

Ick poo!

To quote:
"Dear Friends of BAWiB,
We are pleased to co-sponsor what promises to be a wonderful event this weekend:
Aswat Performance this Sunday in Oakland!
Sunday, November 14, 3:00pm
Co-Sponsored by and held at the Islamic Cultural Center of Northern California
1433 Madison Street, downtown Oakland

An Afternoon with ASWAT Bay Area Music Ensemble -- an exquisite community ensemble for classical and folk Arabic music. Performance will include ASWAT Youth, Palestinian & Andalusian folk dance, Palestinian poetry, and former SF poet laureate Jack Hirshman -- a message of peace and social justice. Musical Direction by Moroccan Virtuoso, Rachid Halihal.

Cosponsored by Bay Area Women in Black."
End to quote.

Jack Hirshman? Jack Hirshman?!!?!?!

Ick poo again!
That mudderchooter they made a poet laureate? Good frikkin Ram baby! Absurd it!
Man can't write for life. Ghastly jejeune poetaster. Immoderate and boring. San Francisco her marbles well and truly lost that year. Pee, as they say, yewwww!

Plus he's one nasty pretentious laura. Silly gandoo scribbler.

Downtown Oakland (Islamic buggery culture centers), please to keep him!

Bay Area Women in Black - a fashion statement of an entire lack of style, most utterly discordant and in poorest imaginable taste oh yes!

Further to bellyhaking white middle-class frump-frauen in dull window rags (BAWIB), they also beg to inform me that they will be parading a peace turkey around Union Square day after thanksgiving, Friday the twenty sixth of November, in order to do and perform which, meeting at Powell Street BART Station at noon to put on masks and gloomy garb, possibly fashionable terrorist-supporting keffiyehs and either sexy garter or suicide belts (most picturesque, either way), whereupon and following, they will be trudging up Powell Street past baffled tourists, scaring little children and barking at dogs, to slowly circle Union Square in silence lugubrous till one o'clock.
Whereupon some of them will feast upon tofu and wheatgerm.

Most fortunate then I intend to be in Berkeley or Fremont that day, sleeping off Turkey pakoras and spicy pattice at Vinodbhai place (B-town) or some yummy Goan pork feed at dear Maria and hubby mansion (F-mont).
My destination not yet settled, it is still a choice.
So I am not there entirely.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

In which I say unpleasant very true things about Richard Becker and Forrest Schmidt whom you should know

In utter keeping with previous comminuques from this blog, which is the sole authority this matter, it is undoubtedly well to be said:

Forrest Schmidt too.

Tiny. Kind of tiddlywinky. Small. Probably no backbone.

Not to be respected in a way.

As is well known!

And also very well attested by the unfortunate traumatized victims of Mr. Becker's unseemly lubriciative advances. All of whom now presently hiding out in impenetrableforests of Yucatan. Per reliable report and opinions. Justifiably avoiding the limp blister.

Richard Becker (he of the infinitisimably minute male member!) as no doubt you know, is the west coast representative and chief moron in charge of International ANSWER's local cell. Where along with hench trolls and delegates from International Solidarity Movement (as well as sex-deprived harridans of Bay Area Women in Black plus Robb Kantor, all dried up) he plans violent take-over of civil society and stupid Stalinist revolution here in the Bay Area. Undoubtedly the lining of intellectuals and real people against wall. It is his wettest dream yet.
Most remarkable, that for alleged head honcho and chief-comrade of PEACE MEVEMENT!
Cottonwoollibraineds of Marin County, plus Berkeley frowsty-rowsties, fully in tune with this agenda. Oh very much so!

Mera laura, misters Becker and Schmidt. Mera laura.
Your thing, it is so small. So very very small. I am elephant compared to you.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Everyday I am smelling the curry!

A vegetarian gori now next to me has moved! And while intitiably I was most unpleased by this development, there are it has turned out benefits. She is pale and homely, and she cooks her own kind food all time. Which, it is turning out, always curry.

I had no idea besonly that thinnish white females were fond of garlic, ginger, and the noble chilipods! How fascinating!
Plus spices. Was that tejpatta that reeked? Hotly sputtering sarson ka beetch? A lovely pair of coconuts?

She has promise. Perhaps I can vonvert her from no-lacto-eggo vegetarian to ghee-inclusive vegetarian. And then perhaps also the occasional bit of chicken. All men know chicken is two-legged vegetable only. It is only white people that consider it human. She will look more healthier if she eats better. Fracha, I tell you. Too thin.

Perhaps I should leave a big pile of laddoos outside her door. That, surely would go far to change her minds.

Big, oil, ghee drenched laddoos! Oh yes. It is the favorite of some big elephant deity what the hindoos venerate.
I can well imagine rolling around on an altar covered with white vegetarian neighbors and fragmented laddoos. Ghee stains, marigolds, and medical textbooks scattered hither and thon. Till at last we fetch up exhausted, though still fully clothed, next to either the steamheater in the corner or the airconditioning if it is warm.
Smell the milk solids, baby!