Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Jewish Voice for Peace attack news

Fellow bloggerstress Balabusta in Blue Jeans also weighs in on the cruel assault on a pro-Israel activist by the ever-venomous and vile Jewish Voice for Peace soldiers. She says: "The Balabusta will add that she has met this lady many times, and that she has also seen JVP's choice of 'nonviolent' friends at a number of demonstrations. Given JVP's inability to notice threatening and violent behavior carried out by those they choose to like, I'm not surprised they also fantasize violence by those they attack."

Source is here:

As we say in Jewish, "kler, nu?!?"

(Not sure how they punctuate that or what precise it means, so added extra question mark for rhetorical effect. Effective yes what?!?)

Again, please to note: VICTIM IS A DISABLED WOMAN!

Quoting: "This is completely bizarre. I am a DISABLED WOMAN (see the legal notice on my car)."

Jewish Voice for Peace madderchotes physically tackled a disabled woman. How's that for bravery and boldness?!? Real courage bunch, those peaceful Berkeley lovers of savages.
Obvious, been hanging around too long with the 'Justice for Palestine' crowd, who threaten people on campus.

Quoting one more time:
"Several JVP members surrounded me and tried to take my camera from me. Then they attacked me. They took hold of my arms and would not let me go. They also pushed their chests into me many times and knocked me against a wall. I yelled at them 20 to 30 times to let go of me. They refused to let go of my wrists and forearms and continued to bang their chests into me. They banged me into the wall over a dozen times."

It is atmosphere of the university, you see. Admin too chicken to counter intimidation on campus, much of faculty too pro-Arab to object. Many of students too inherently violent and instinctively anti-American to act rational or accept alternate discoursivities. Many of Berkeley residents too solidaire with European socialist civilization haters to understand democracy, nuance, dialectic. University at Berkeley attracts two kinds people: nice hot intelligent young women, and thuggish brute radicals with sexual problems.

Oh, and Jewish Voicers for Peace also, who advocate in uncertain terms for destruction of democracy in United States (member overlap with CodePink and International A.N.S.W.E.R.), and expunction of only actual democracy in entire Middle-East, so that Arab dictotarships and Persian pervert theocracy not feeling so inferior.

Please to note again: VICTIM IS A DISABLED WOMAN!

How does one say 'despicable cowardice' by Jewish Voice For Peace members, sympathizers, or fellow travelers? How to say it in terms weak of brain "Jews of Convenience" like Cecilie Surasky and Matthew Taylor can be comprehending? How to say it simply softly enough that koodichoosing gandoo peace movements and socialist violent radical mainstreams overseas will realize that beating up middle-aged disabled non-violent concerned Jewish person is just NOT TO BE DONE?!?

Not, as is being said, quite cricket.

And once more quoting: "I am 58 years old. I have a Disabled Person’s license plate for my car. I am physically incapable of overpowering or attacking anybody! The people who attacked me were physically fit and at least 20 years younger than I"


Berkeley style of debate. Established, hoary tradition in that college burg, very common.

Taking lessons from small Dick Becker and Forrest Schmidt, is it? Maybe Kate bally buggery Bender Raphael also known as Jessica or Democracy Sometimes? Mediea "I hate other people" Benjamin? Terror-supporting professors at University of California at Berkeley? Vile poetaster Jack Hirshman selling revolutionary newspaper rags to slummers and tourists at Caffe Trieste? Monumental piece of work, you.

Convincing Jewish Voice For Peace of wrongness of their several behaviors impossible.
Far too self righteous, mentally rigid. Attempt is pro-forma, scant hope of success.

It is waste of time only.
Leftwing fringers and European concerned socialist Jew haters never conceive of ethical behaviors, nor honest decency. Jewish Voice For Peace lies and distortions accepted part of tale, as there is among that particular crowd no intelligence for critical thinking.


Anonymous said...

The hard left likes to feel it has free reign to disrupt anything it doesn't like in the name of free speech. The Bound Together books anarchist collective sent this out last year, urging "peace activists" to interupt synagogue worship with their political message:

Subject: Re: [takedirectaction] BREAKING: 'Dramatic escalation' in Gaza, tanks 'moving toward frontier

No more demos. No more signs, chants, pithy t shirts. No more marches to nowhere.
And DEFINITELY no more emails to Congress, or heart-felt messages to Change.Gov and Obama, begging the conspirators to stop the conspiracy.
We each one of us is responsible - and we each one of us must take action. We cannot rely on Others to do it for us.
Here is an excellent article, with a detailed list of actions we can take, from James Petras.
I have strongly suggested to many different so-called action groups, that we immediately institute a program of visits to every synagogue in the USA, on Friday evenings and Saturday mornings, and rise in each congregation and - in dignified firm and unemotional voices- repeat "STOP THE KILLING"-- We need to go in groups of 3-4, to insure that we have 1 person as a defensive shield, and one as a video camera witness, recording everything. Jews especially should be doing these actions. We will face harsh treatment, and possibly physical attack, but our message must be resolute and continue week after week.
I see no possible legal impediment to this. The public, and certainly Jews- cannot be barred from entry to the services, and it will be extremely hard for the Synagogues to enforce exclusion. If they do, we can speak on the front steps, on the street, in the parking lot.
The Jews of America must be confronted with their clear responsibility- far more than complicity-in the mass murders, occupation, and forced starvation of the people of Palestine.
If any of you wants to work on this, just let me know.

Why is this acceptable as "Free speech?" under any circumstances?

Hotspur said...

As a disabled person myself, my greatest fear is being manhandled like that. For a person with disabilities, simple pushes can be very dangerous. Shame on Jewish Voices for Peace, who wage war on Israel and the disabled.

"Aggressively videotaping" is a complete farce. How can a mobility impaired person aggressively videotape? What does that even mean? She dared document it? What does JVP have to hide? If they believe they have nothing to be ashamed of, then allow documentation and prove it.

On both counts, I'm ashamed.

Anonymous said...

Not only are the JVPers guilty of assault and battery on a disabled person, they also are guilty of attempted robbery because they tried to take her camera away from her!

Dan from South Bay said...

JVP Far Left thugs attacked, punched and threw to the ground a handicapped 58 year old woman. The woman was Jewish which was enough for the so called peace activists to accuse her of being a Zionist and beat her up. The Left wing attacks are on the rise against the Jews. This is so reminiscent of the 1938 Nazi Germany. JVP is one of the most aggressive anti-Semitic and anti Israel militant organizations that bullies and intimidates innocent civilians. What a shame.

Anonymous said...

"JVP Far Left thugs attacked, punched and threw to the ground a handicapped 58 year old woman"

Dan- this is not an accurate describtion of what happened.
The victim was corralled into a corner, she was grabbed and her had shaken until she dropped her camera. At that point, shaken and scared, she used her pepper spray.

Yes, it is disheartening that in a room with 50 so-called peace activists, no one came to her aid.

Recorded evidence supports the victims' version of the story. JVP had their "witnesses" collaborate on their website- however, the versions have been edited over time to achieve
more "consistency". We have taken screen shots (before and after) to use as evidence of the lying tactics of JVP, in event the victim decides to initiate a civil suit

Anonymous said...

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