Friday, February 27, 2009

Small evil mincks!

That nasty small girl, teenage miss Wong, does denying me my rightful pleasures as a speculating reader faced with a potent mystery presented by her own written textey tempting! She does not appreciate the questing querulous interest I am showing in her laced accoutrements as she has mentioned, most particularly her nether garments and whetther they either fit or do not suit the frail teenage body that she advertises. It is appalling!
She does not treasure my own esthetic sensitivity and profund concern for whether she looks appropriate in deshabilee or somewhat conceivably otherwise! Though I could not imagine.

Nay, she rants and spoofs in my direction, with many insults and name-calling, and apportions to me all manner of nasty things.

I am foresaken and bereft! I sputter!

Ill-mannered teenager! Have respect at least for my reems of vast encompassing experience and superiority of years! I more than anyone y9ou know could tell you precisely how good you might look wearing mere low-cuts, high-rises, or lace-edgeds. Tight panels, supports, or revealing.

See, see how she taunts me!

The bitch she is!

Horrid little thing! Do not disjectify my concern. I incline aesthetically towards you. And merely wish to ascertain for the benefits of all, if you look good in your small garments, or perhaps unsuitable or inappropriate. I am not a pervert. I am warm hearted.

And still she will not tell me if it cups, or how low it cuts. Curves and creases, and silk expanse of tender skins.

Good grieves, little miss Candy-poo, I am aware that you are several months before any age of dissulote behaviours, and I realize full well that you are utmost hesitant of even getting close to primsore path. Your recalcitrance and justifiable shyness are well understood indeed. Hesitate!
I would not mislead you into a life of exciting bad behaviours, least not while college and a fruitful private life are in your nearby prospect. Otherwise yes. I have far too much evaluance for the weaker sex, no matter how lusciously tasty they may present themselves. I have restraint, and can control myself graciously. Trust me, my little oily laddoo! Dammit!

Lacy panels? But mere semi-opaque?

Are you eighteen yet?

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Twisting your Arab knickers!

In Saudi Arabia, many lingerie stores and salescounters are staffed by men. Innocent little Arab men, who are greatly and grossly discomfitted by having to deal with the eventual occupants of the scanty frilly ornamental shmatties in question, poor blighters. That being women.

And furthermore, they often are not expert at scoping out the client and judging whether or not a particular customer and her choice of nether garment make a good match.

I shall quote:
"Because physical contact between unmarried men and women in Saudi Arabia is forbidden under strict segregation laws, women can also not be properly measured for their underwear."

Ya sayid, just eye-ball her!

Another quote:
"if a customer wants to try an item on, she first has to pay for it, and then traipse to a public toilet to see if it fits. If it doesn't, she can easily get a refund, but most women find the experience so humiliating they buy items without trying them on, only to get them home and find they don't fit and their money is wasted. "

Oh, the huMANity!

Jesus, man, for Christ's sake, just EYE-BALL the woman!!!! Judgements!!!

If a gazelle under twenty five, go for too tight, if a she-camel over thirty, best to allow for expansion and go for too loose. Trust me. I am an expert.

But if it is an unfit item that is having been acquired, the women are just as much to blame as the stutteringly incompetent male persuaded. As it says also:
"Girls don't feel very comfortable when males are selling them lingerie, telling them what size they need, and saying 'I think this is small on you, I think this is large on you", and "It's really embarrassing. They try to give comments -'this might suit you better than that' - it's really not ethical".

Sweetie pie, it's not about ethics.

It's about AESTHETICS!!!

With avidity and glad enthusiasims I herewith offer my services to the poor pantieless women of Saudi Arabia. I shall be your consultant, I am expert at while undressing you in my mental eye still leaving the last several or two skintight silken object on the hypothesized naked surfaces of your forms to protect your several maidenly modesties. I do this all the time. On the street, in the office, at the mall, while sipping my tea in various gandu coffee-shops. I am doing it now while talking to you.

So I might as well get paid for it.

Untill you are in your early twenties, wear French Cuts. Then go for regular Bikini Cut or Brief Cut. All in full hue because of your olive or tan skin tones. No pastels. Lace optional, highly recomended.
If you have given birth to a little sheikh or sheikhinette, it is probably time for pale pale granny pants - your life is over, and the only thing left is to eat massive amounts of buttery Arab pastries. But you got a good ride.

"Campaigners are calling for a boycott of all lingerie stores that are staffed by men."

In my professional estimation ( I am a lawyer ) that would be a blooming shame and most exceptionally unfair. I feel for the poor stuttering little Arab men who will thus see their one source of income and several sources of professional pride and happy pleasure go out the window.

Protect the Arab lingerie store men, I say! There are far too few as it is. An endangered species. An Arab selling frilly sillies is a gainfully employed person contributing vast goods to society. And also a source of potent potential expertise. Not to say even aesthetic appreciation is there. Safeguard him preciously.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Jimmy Boy in Horniman, Fort

Patri ni Machchi is here, you do not have to go to a wedding! Lovely fish pillowed with hari chutney (podina, kotumir, hari mirch, etc.) and steamed in a banana leaf.

Sas ni Machchi is very fresh pomfret in a tangy sauce (sas), made velvety with rice flour and egg, plus jeera (cumin) and chilies. Sugar and palm vinegar for sweet-sour balance. Eat it with yellow rice.

Jordalu salli boti, good, but in truth the jordalu is not strictly an essential - Salli boti without dry apricots is just as fine, the addition is festive. Same can be said for the Jordalu salli marghi, it is chicken. Both with shoestring potates.

Salli par eda: Eggs on shoestrings with tomato and hari mirch. Marghi na farcha: Fried chicken. Dan dar patio: splendid fish with a gravy of onions, chili, spices, ghee rice plus toover on side. Sweet sour also, as it is a Parsi taste. Dhansak too, but you know of that.

Also sandwhiches, Italian noodles, biriyanis, and brun keema.
And Lagan nu custard, very splendid.

Owner's nephew also Irani now runs. Upgraded to hip from old-fashioned style.
It is at number eleven Bank Street near Horniman Circle, a corner location. Fort, Mumbai.
Arched windows with dome-shaped awnings.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Dutch news, or Palestinian Propaganda?

Atboth has asked me to post links. All part of his dmented crusade against his own kind. Am I shy of joining him in that pursuit. Gracious no, I applaud it. Bugger the bollocky Euries!

Anyhoooooo. About the Nederlandse Omroep Stichting. Apparently biased against Jews and Israel, judging by an article here:
It is a condensation of the actual report, but incredibly damning none the less.

Encapsulates a pattern of bending the facts, presenting only one side of events, and showing only that which would put Israel in a bad light. All of this under the field-leadership of Sander van Hoorn, reporting in a unique manner from the Gaza border (that being, in his estimation, Bethelehem and Jerusalem - at least during the early part of the war).

The original is longer, and impossible to read unless you are in an incredibly small and unimportant minority, that being Dutch speakers.
Feel free to hack your way through it here:

One wonders what the Dutch official response will be, but very much fears that it will amount to little more than a big steaming heap of MEH! Such is, alas, often the bureacratic response to any complaint. And the Dutch have been dismissively bureaucratic longer than nearly any other Euries, eh.

If its' berry pullao, it must be Britania!

Britannia & Co. Café - There is no greater love than eating!

This restaurant is eighty plus years old. Jolly nice that the kitchen is not.
It does not serve beef or beef products, chicken and mutton served boneless.
It is located at 11 Sprott Road, Ballard Estate (which is nearer by Victoria Terminus and the Fort area), Mumbai.

They used to do chops and things, all very British and high class. But since independence bland food has disappeared utterly from the popular taste. Hence they now will also do pullaos and biriyanis, mutton and gravy (that's goat curries to you).
It was founded by the venerable Rashid Kohinoor, father to Boman. Boman Kohinoor now manages, his venerable mother passed away also. But it remains same.

It is a plain restaurant, of typical Irani style and provenance. There is an upstairs and downstairs. The berry pullao (mutton or chicken) is very Persian and famous, the patra ni machi is more Parsee.
The Dhansak is very good, fabulous, in fact, and very much deservedly lauded. It comes with Parsee brown rice (rice cooked with browned onions and touch caramelized sugar), and kachumbar.
Their Salli Boti also excellent. Chicken cutlets are recommended, as well as margi ni farcha, kababs.
The paint on walls peeling, the chairs are rickety. Ambiance is not, strictly speaking, a commodity for which can be searched in this place. But that is not why you come. Unless perhaps you are a vegetarian, for then there is no other reason. This is a meat restaurant.

It can get crowded. Elderly uncles fight with flocks of office workers for table space at hours, but the service is fast fast no wait. And you will leave happy.


*The berries in the pullao aforementioned are dried barberries, raisinlike and tangy-sweet. They are from Persia.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Mumbai Terrorists

Hah! Damned Pakis!

The FBI has given India proof of Paki complicity, as per article in Mid-Day Daily.

See here!

Pregnant quote:
The evidence from FBI is expected to make the case water-tight as this kind of proof would further nail Pakistan's claims that the conspiracy behind 26/11 was not hatched in that country alone.

The evidence includes call details, global positioning, and VoIP services.
Lets see how you Paki misters counter that!
Got anymore lies up your sleeves, eh?

Monday, February 16, 2009

She got lace!

I shall not speculate as to how she got it, who gave it. But the fact is that the snarky miss Wong received something lacy on or around Valentine's day. She admits so much, though not telling whom.

The blog of her depravities:

It was not me that gave it her, and I am furious in extreme. Though I know the risk presented by the age differential.
No, I shall NOT tell you my age, it is none of your wax.

Suffice it to say that whosoever gave her that lacy bit is dangerously close to leading an innocent young thing down a path of primroses - a path which properly should be leaded by none other than myself truly. And for that, eternal greenness of resentiments is much and indeed utterly justified.
It should have been me. ME! Me, miss Wong, me! Utterly and completely, precisely and entirely me! ME ME ME!!! Why not me, I am still young and utmost sproingy?!?!? Me!!!! As fine figure of a man as was likely to cross your path. With roses in addition to and adding an extra measure to the fine lacy frilly delicate and necessarily small garment! ME!

Please to be very carefull, young miss Wong, that your lacy-gifter not lead you astray. You are in danger, you are at risk. I know the perils what I am talking about; I was once as innocent and rosy faced as you.

And be sure to keep us informed of your progress in no matter how going backwards a path. We remain curiously concerned for your maintenance of virtues. Oh yes.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine's day in India

Oh what a joy it is to celebrate Valentine's day in India, place of storied songs and romance.
Where, of course, amorous public couples (or ANY couples in public) risk being beaten up by Bal Thakur's goondas for being desolutely western and depraved. Unlike the devas and devis of the Hindu pantheon, who are a bunch of frickin' prudes, with no sex life at all entirely! Certainly not in a place where innocent women, children, or elephants, might see them.

There are NO dalliances on the walls of temples, no obscene statuaries. None. I do NOT know who told you there were, but he was probably a Christian. All good puritans I mean Hindoos KNOW that love, lust, and concupiscence, are NOT things that go on in a Hindoo nationalist world.

This year, as previous years, Hindu Nationalist gangs have gone around terrorizing anybody who looks like they may be celebrating Valentine day. Face blackenings, hair shavings, man handlings, and other shames too crude to detail.

Bak Thackery and the Shiv Sena in Bombay
Bal Thakur, formally known as Kesav Sitaram Thackeray, also known as Naprabodhankar Thackeray, and Bal Thackeray, is the notorious former newspaper scribbler who becomes a Hindu Nationalis goonda chief in Mumbai, shakes down businessmen and unions alike, and employs thuggish practices to spread his vision of a pure Maharashtra for the blissfully blinkered.

That he is antimuslim is charming, that he is a violent criminal in that pursuit is unforgivable, and that he is a most perniciously narrow-minded goondu is an incontestable flaw. More or less the Geert Wilders of Maharashtri politics, but combining also thereto the sensibilities of a blackmailer mixed evenly with Maffioso tactics and violent racketeer tendencies. Key responsible for the violence in Mumbai post-Babri-masjid fiasco in 1992, which caused the brutal deaths of thousands, also founder of the Shiva Sena, and willing collaborator with Baharatia Janata Party dickey boys.

Bal Thackeray is unashamedly an admirer of Hitler, whom he lauds as an artist and inspired leader. His methods, were he given the chance, would more than make his idol proud. So sadly for him the government still has a few standards, and disdains the open criminality of the marginal mobbing. The Sirkar consequently keeps him in local check.

In the meantime, his faithfully moronic devotees attack couples in public on Valentine's day, because love is a corrupt western plot that will bring down the proud hindoo nation, and gift-giving, emotion, and pretty cards are the vectors of disease such as should not touch the loyal Indian.
One would call him a chutia, save that the operative verb there is antethical to his ideology.
Which is more about death, and the handling of corpses.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Brun maska

Have it with keema, scrambled eggs and green chilies, or jam. A brun is hard round bread which you cut while it is still hot from baking and dabbed with butter (maska), it is good in the morning sprinkled with sugar too. Dip it in your tea - the butter will leave a yummy slick on the surface of the hot liquid.

Brun does not keep, it must be eaten fresh.


The best place is Meherwanji Zend's place in the fort, Yazdani Restaurant and Bakery - 11/11-A, Cowasji Patel Marg, Fort, Mumbai. It is near the stock exchange, not far from Flora Fountain. It was started by mr. Zend's father. Unlike many Irani cafes, it is not on a corner. It is never the less the very quintessence of an Irani Cafe.
The brun maska should be eaten there at one of the marble-topped tables. It is sliced across for buttering, then downwards so that it can be dipped in the cup of chai provided.

They also make pau, marble bread, Shrewsbury biscuit, apple pie, mava puff, madeira cake, lemon tart, bread of many types, and wedding cake. And much else too, especially and of course a bread pudding. Plus fiery ginger biscuit. At Christmas you may purchase the rum & plum cake. They deliver to all the best hotels.

They do not use chemicals or artificials, it is baked delicious goodness at its pure best.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Sali margi: Gravy chicken with shoestring potato

One chicken divided into large pieces.
Two onions finely sliced.
Two large potatoes, peeled, shredded.
Mashed garlic and ginger, one tablespoon total.
Two teaspoons ground coriander seed.
One teaspoon ground cumin seed.
One teaspoon cayenne.
One teaspoon salt
One piece of cinnamon.

Rub the chicken with the garlic and ginger plus the ground coriander, cumin, cayenne, and salt. Cover and put it in the refrigerator for several hours.

In a pan fry the onions golden. Add the chicken pieces and cinnamon, and brown all over. Add a splash of water, cover and keep on low heat for an hour. Put the chicken pieces and gravy in a plate with a wide rim for space.

Fry the potatoes and use to garnish the chicken on top and around. Your delicious chicken is now ready to serve.

Geert Wilders and European Freedoms

I observe with particular pleasure that the blogger at the back of the hill (atboth) is having a fit over the British banning of entry to England by Dutch Parliamentarian and rabble-rouser Geert Wilders. While I would myself not wish to see Wilders as the dominant voice in any parliament, he serves a very useful function as both gadfly, and, it must be said, canary in the coalmine of democracy.

Atboth writes about the refusal to allow Geert Wilders into Britain here:
Excerpt: "The British campaign against freedom of speech and secular humanism gathers steam, and Britain appears to be heading into the grey zone of civilization. No longer a bastion of civil liberties, or even democratic ideals, Britain seems destined for a shadowy half-life of quivering and abject 1984ism."

Atboth judges the British harshly here:
Excerpt: "The British government has taken the extraordinary step of caving in, without a whimper, to fists being shaken impotently at them by angry illiterates."


A search of the internet shows that there is a spectrum of opinions, of which I present a sampling below. No Muslim opinions are represented, for two reason:
1. I really do not give an ooloo's gand what those camelwhackers think.
2. I am sure that they have already screamed their opinion and threatened vengeance if not listen to with abject quaking. Pissy bastards.
Excerpt: The Roman Catholic rightwinger from the southern Netherlands sees himself as the heir to other recent Dutch iconoclasts such as Pim Fortuyn, the politician who was murdered after he campaigned for an end to traditional Dutch multiculturalism, and Theo van Gogh, the film-maker stabbed to death on an Amsterdam street after making a documentary that denounced alleged Islamic repression.
Excerpt: Here are germane extracts from my discussion of the Calcutta Koran Petition which illustrate how it is the abuse of hate speech laws by Muslims seeking to impose Sharia mandates on non-Muslim majorities that is the source of the problem:

"One particularly successful action stands out, as described by [Sita Ram] Goel. Two Hindus were arrested—under Indian penal code sections exploited by Muslims to prevent public criticism of Muhammad or other aspects of their creed—for publishing a poster which cited 24 Koranic verses ( see them below), with a caption, "Why riots take place in this country." The protesters added their own editorial comment that these verses,

…command the believers (Muslims) to fight against followers of other faiths…so long as these ayats [verses] are not removed [from the Koran], riots in the country cannot be prevented…There are numerous (other) ayats of the same sort. Here we have cited only 24 ayats. Obviously, these ayats carry commandments which promote enmity, ill-will, deception, fraud, strife, robbery, and murder. That is why riots take place between Muslims and non-Muslims, in this country as well as [the rest of] the world. In the above mentioned 24 ayats of the Koran, Muslims are commanded to fight against the followers of other faiths. So long as these ayats are not removed [from the Koran], riots in the country cannot be prevented.

The ruling magistrate sided with the accused Hindus, and in dismissing charges against them, observed,

…a close perusal of the Ayats [verses] shows that that the same are harmful and teach hatred, and are likely to create differences between Mohammedans on one hand and the remaining communities on the other ".
Excerpt: The refusal to admit the oddball Dutch MP Geert Wilders to Britain yesterday marks a further retreat from this country's traditions of free speech. It stands in stark contrast to what happened exactly 20 years ago tomorrow, when Ayatollah Khomeini of Iran issued a fatwa calling for the death of Salman Rushdie for insulting the Prophet Mohammed in his book The Satanic Verses.

In retrospect, that was a turning point in the country's history of free speech, an event that appeared to demonstrate indomitability, yet turned out to be a defeat. An unambiguous stand was taken on Rushdie's behalf by the government of the day, which denounced the threat to his life and broke off diplomatic relations with Iran.
Despite mass book burnings, protests around the world, including in Bolton and Bradford, and threats of violence, the work continued to be published and sold. How could it be otherwise? This was Britain, after all, the citadel of free speech. We would not be brow beaten into denying the rights of one of our citizens, or anyone else for that matter, from having their say, however controversial or offensive their opinion might be.

Sadly, the past two decades have seen a pusillanimous flight into cowering capitulation.
Excerpt: Denmark’s governing Liberal Party Foreign Policy Spokesman Søren Pind has entered the debate concerning a decision by Britain to ban the entry of the populist Dutch politician Geert Wilders because of his extreme views about Islam.
"Unless you’re a terrorist or something like that, you of course should be able to travel freely within the European Union. That’s the whole idea behind European rights and freedoms," says Pind.
Excerpt: A gay humanist group has said the Home Secretary was wrong to ban a Dutch MP who is critical of Islam. Jaqui Smith said that Geert Wilders, a leading rightwing politician and a fierce critic of Muslims , has been denied permission to enter Britain on the grounds that his presence would damage community relations and threaten public order.

The Pink Triangle Trust (PTT) had declared its opposition to the ban.

"We maintain that in a free society anyone should have the right to criticise religion without being banned, dubbed racist or, even worse, threatened with death as the humanist author Salman Rushdie was over his book The Satanic Verses," said PTT secretary George Broadhead.

"There can be no doubt from reading its holy books, the Qur'an and the Hadith, that Islam is a homophobic religion, which at worst has lead to the barbaric torture and murder of LGBT people in Islamic theocracies like Iran and Saudi Arabia."

"But it is also deeply mysoginist and hostile to apostates and unbelievers like humanists."

As an attorney, I would love to take this case. Mr. Wilder's argument against the British Government should be excellent, his cause more than easily winnable. And it is shameful that the British have bent over for the obscene attentions of Lord Nazir Ahmed and his band of shariatic vikings, intent on despoilation of their hosts.
Britain instead should take the lead, and explore avenues for deporting Muslims as undesirable aliens and thieves back to Pakistan, wherever they came from.
Especially if they are converts - the blasted Paks can have them, no one else should have to put up with them.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Muslims, go to Britain!

The Statesman has hurt the easily bruised feelings of Muslims in Calcutta. They are hurt, they are upset, they are weeping. And they are taking The Statesman's editor Ravindra Kumar and publisher Anand Sinha to court.

The article was simple and to the point, and expressed a point of view. But Muslims do not like such things (which is why they have so little diversity of opinions, or even intellectual disagreement, in their own countries).
Hence, they are upset with the Statesman, calling it all kinds of names for reproducing an article from the UK's Independent last week.

'Why should I respect these oppressive religions?'

The article concerned the erosion of the right to criticize religions. Anyone with half a brain will gladly concede that there are several hundred creeds which crave criticism, some of them actually quite daffy.
It is the educated opinion of this blogwriter that Islam is among the worst indeed, being a faith for torturers, tyrants, and pederasts.

In the article, Johann Hari said: "I don't respect the idea that we should follow a 'Prophet' who at the age of 53 had sex with a nine-year old girl, and ordered the murder of whole villages of Jews because they wouldn't follow him."

Muhammad the prophet bile be upon him was a child-molesting psychopath? Who knew?
That's a rhetorical question, by the way, because it was exceedingly well-known at the time, and has not been denied ever since. Muhammad was a sex-deviant, a pervert, a robber, and a murderer. And also a person of very Pakistani sensibilities, though that pustulent pox of a country had not been invented yet.

You're very welcome.

Intemperate Muslims have been howling and screaming in front of the offices of the Statesman since the publishing of the article. There has been violence. There have been baton charges. There is much to-do.

Some of them are no doubt drunk.

Oh Muslims, why don't you all move your precious selves to Britain, where they take your little feelings seriously, and wring their pasty hands on your behalf - heck, even going so far as to ban a Dutch politician from entering the country because of sad little Islamic upsetness?

[As can be seen here:
I quote: "Dutch member of parliament Geert Wilders said on Wednesday he would press ahead with plans to visit Britain on Thursday despite an official entry ban by the British government." End quote.]

Go on, all of you bally Muslims, shove off, they'll love you over there. We do not need you in India, the Lord knows that you have proven yourselves a nuisance for centuries, and almighty treacherous besides since independence. But the British like you. They positively love you. They want to cater to your whims and emotional blackmail. Who knows, they might even have a use for you. They have utmost affection for hopping-mad Muslims.
Certainly we don't. In fact, we can't stand the sight of you lot anymore, and really wish that all you Muslim gandkich**ts would just go away.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Margi na farcha: the most delicious Parsee fried chicken

Eight pieces of chicken.
Two large eggs.
Ginger and garlic mashed smooth.
Green chilies ditto.
One cup bread crumbs.
One teaspoon cayenne.
One teaspoon ground coriander.
One teaspoon flour.
Half a teaspoon ground cumin.
Dash of Worcestershire sauce.
Jigger of salad oil.
Small sploosh vinegar.
Drops of Tabasco.

Mix everything save the chicken, eggs, and breadcrumbs.
Coat the chicken with the mixture and set it in the refrigerator for several hours. It is okay to slash the chicken pieces beforehand to allow penetration.

Beat the egg whites quite frothy, mix in the yolks. Dip each piece of chicken in the egg, then in the breadcrumbs. Fry at not too hot a heat on each side till nicely done, then turn and do likewise to the other side. Drain on paper towels if you must. It is delicious.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Short bio

Mr. Patel (that's me) is a Parsee attorney-at-law, currently at a firm in the Bay Area.

Oh yes.

My life consists of sifting through the clerical detritus created by incompetent Bengalis and neurotic Tamils - telecommunications mostly.

For entertainment, I obsess over undergarments (the gift-wrap of the bonbon - the bonbon itself is only of precisely minor importance in this scheme), I have fond thoughts of nuking Pakistan, I adore the noble sport of cricket, and I enjoy fine (ergo non-Muslim) dining.

My parents are from Gujarat, hence I have a perfectly understandable and commendable love of Undhiu. But I realize some people are not so lucky.
I am unmarried, I like long walks on the beach, sweet pressed flake pipe-tobacco, and young women with wheatish complexions, if they are both feisty and spunky, like a hot pepper.

I am also both bahut manly and dashing, very much and exactly like Rajesh Khanna.

This is the first post.

I am a lawyer. I have four hobbies.

In order:
Nuking Pakistan.
Pursuing Panties (thanks Lev, for showing me the light).
Eating non-Muslim food (see the nuking Pakistan hobby which is listed first).
Cricket, the sport of kings.

If I go back to Bombay, I shall try to join the Ripon club.