Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Jimmy Boy in Horniman, Fort

Patri ni Machchi is here, you do not have to go to a wedding! Lovely fish pillowed with hari chutney (podina, kotumir, hari mirch, etc.) and steamed in a banana leaf.

Sas ni Machchi is very fresh pomfret in a tangy sauce (sas), made velvety with rice flour and egg, plus jeera (cumin) and chilies. Sugar and palm vinegar for sweet-sour balance. Eat it with yellow rice.

Jordalu salli boti, good, but in truth the jordalu is not strictly an essential - Salli boti without dry apricots is just as fine, the addition is festive. Same can be said for the Jordalu salli marghi, it is chicken. Both with shoestring potates.

Salli par eda: Eggs on shoestrings with tomato and hari mirch. Marghi na farcha: Fried chicken. Dan dar patio: splendid fish with a gravy of onions, chili, spices, ghee rice plus toover on side. Sweet sour also, as it is a Parsi taste. Dhansak too, but you know of that.

Also sandwhiches, Italian noodles, biriyanis, and brun keema.
And Lagan nu custard, very splendid.

Owner's nephew also Irani now runs. Upgraded to hip from old-fashioned style.
It is at number eleven Bank Street near Horniman Circle, a corner location. Fort, Mumbai.
Arched windows with dome-shaped awnings.



Now if you just limited your internet presence to such descriptions, you would be considered harmless.


And it's actually a rather lovely description.

GRANT!PATEL! said...

Thank you. And there's welcome you are.

---Grant Patel

GRUNT!PATEL! said...

HORNY MAN? Are we to deduce that this is the part of Mumbai that Patel Sahib hails from?

Ron Gross said...

That's obvious.