Thursday, September 17, 2009

Get your pnaties outta my face!

The nerve of that child! First she waves her panties in my face, then she refuses my kind responsive attentions! I am all of the flutter accordingly! And quite quite infuriated!

Here I had striven to argua her into accepting my reasoned contention, yet she denies! Denies!

I speak, of course naturally, of the utterly evil and possibly luscious and tempting miss Snooky Wong, writer of Death By Noodles, which I never read, and columnist for the Pro-Israel Bay Bloggers, a respectable outfit of which I too am contributing.


Your excesses are greater than a first cup of coffee!

How you dare use my very own highly literate postings to argue and aver that I am obsessed with Richard Becker's penis?! How you dare, I say!
Completely - not - interested - in - the slightest - small - penis of - Richard buggery Becker!
A literary fancy, pure and simple!

The fact that his manhood is minute and smoothly undeveloped is a matter of record. I am merely stating the well-known. I have no personal state in his teenie weenie little winkipoo. Quite not! No one does! Not even the zesty venomtress Lily Haskell! We hear she swings elsewheres in some other case. Though she too is heartfelt in her lust for Arabs and their brutish cause.

Richard Becker's tiny little dinglewangle is of no importance to the cause. Merely typical of many anti-Semitic ponces and faulty individuals. That he matches in queen size miss Haskell, well, too bad and not enough. Both are in same regard.

And I should ask, has any one seen them in the same place at the same time?

So no, my dear miss Wong, delicious Snooky B., I have no investment in Richard Becker's penis. It is far too small and inconsequent. No appeal utterly. Probably smells bad. Evil thumbtack.

You, however, seem to have it on your mind.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Death by Noodles is a horrid mistress!

Heavens, little miss Wong! You again overlook my contributions to PIBB and focus on the unimportant; your own. Of which there are about three minor scribblings, I grant you. But mine you do not mention! At all!! How could you!!!


Nor did you react, in any way at all, to my recipe for Parsee Prawn Curry!

Soon I shall have to offer it instead to Richard Becker, if he will but let me photograph his tiny penis, and take a wax impression, so that I may prove to you, in several blown up color photographs, and a plaster model, that I speak the truth, I spoke the truth.
It is small. It is but that you would not believe me when I asserted that little fact that you now ignore me, I doubt it not!

Despite the several scriptural kindnesses I have shown you. But nay! And no!
You wished proof of my valid claim that Richard Becker is blessed with a matchbox-sized lora, or even smaller, as befits a notorious communist from a comfortable armchair, who is desiring to entirely without danger to himself or evidences leading back to him, or the beneficiaries of his mini-me, instigate, stir-up, and outside-agitate for violent revolution and the bloody extinguishment of Jews and other fine peoples. As is utterly the balanced and considered opinion of myself, a discriminating and perspicacious lawyer.

You insisted upon it!

RICHARD BECKER HAS A TINY PENIS (or had a tiny penis, when last we could ascertain, at a moments before this writing).
And it is rather cute. As ugly little dingusses go.
It eats cheese.


It is smaller than a shrimp. And concerning which, if you intend on cooking that shrimp curry of which the receipt I wrote, do NOT overcook the shrimp. It will turn tough and tasteless if you do. As well as limp and greasy, and altogether nasty and communistic. Plus pink and somewhat wrinkled, and shrivelly entirely.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Pakistanis full of themselves

Recently the Pakistanis demanded that the British stop pressuring them so much regarding terrorists, and averred that due to their efforts, much terror had been averted.

As per articles in various place, including The Guardian, to which horrid journal I shall not link!

Pakis claim that they have pursued suspects with great enthusiasm.

Of course they have!

Pursued training them, and enabling them, that is!

No one in their righteous mind would trust nor believe that the Pakistanis had anything other to do with the war on terror than keeping it ongoing by their funding and support of extremists, murderers, and drugdealers involved with ISI and the Taleban. Anything else is absurd.