Tuesday, October 11, 2011

One human being is worth one thousand Arabs

What better proof there possibly could be? The Israel is trading one thousand and twenty seven psychopaths for ONE ISRAELI.

Yes, today Israel agreed to give Hamas ("Berkeleyites") 1027 prisoners in return for Gilad Shalit.
Proof better could not be imagined that Muslims OR Arabs are, in real terms, not warth holy Ram fudge all. Not a one on one trade, which would establiush parity and an equivalent human value. One thousand to one. One thousand Arabs aren't even worth one Israeli.
Well, we knew that very well already. Much estimation for that bunch of camel-chooters we did not have.

And if one thousand Arabs are not worth one Israeli, what does that say abaout Pakistanis, Sudanese, and Malays? After all, these are not even worth half as much as an arab. Which is meaning to say, in all ways precisely, that a fifth rate Muslim like a Pakistani or a Malay is only infinitisimal fraction tradeable.

Conclusion, do not acquire Pakistanis or Malays. Not worth the price of beans to feed the bugger, a drain on your resources.

One hundred and tweny million Pakistanis?
Worth 24 thousand Jews.

Eight million brothers of Mahathir Muhammad?
Sixteen hundred Jews.

Admittedly, Jews in relatively short supply.

But if pushed, a trade of half a million Jews for ALL of the Arabs, plus 24K for the bollocky Pakistanis, 1600 for all the pustulent Malays - not too bad a deal.
Still over sixteen million Jews left. And no Arabs, no Pakistani chutia log, no Malay soor ka bacha.
Don't worry about Persians, they can be nuked. No buggery trading value anyway, seeing as all Muslim Persians basically half camel from Hadramout, half pig-dog-syphylitic troggo rapists from Syria anyway.

Worth fond day-dreaming, anyway.