Saturday, September 24, 2011

Please tobe letting the bombing of Islamabad now be starting!

Admiral Mullens has flung down the iron glove towards the Pakis by stating complicity in recent attack in Afghanistan from ISI.

Not broody surprise, that. Pakis have always had terrorists on pay roll, ISI basically mafia organization funding mansions for highly placed Paki brass with drug trade paise.

No, we are not surprised.
Apparently pattern of assault on targets in Kabul few weeks ago very similar Bombay action while back. Probabably same handlers, same planning department in bollocky Paki military.
Should now be clear that there is no matter what use at alla for nation like Pakistan, wheich perputeates Muslim brutal dominance by invading savage hordes several centuries ago.

Bollock of Ghazni established first Muslim sultanate threatening South Asia, fairly glorious if you totally ignore massacres, murders, rapes, and slave raids, but all downhill ever since. Subsequent Islamic interference in Indian administrations, or conquests of Punjab and Oudh, prove beyond shadow of doubt that Muslims cannot and shouldnot have any say in affairs of civilized world.

Which is why I have named one of my dogs (the mongrol) Muhammad, and the other (pit-bull half-breed) is called Islamabad. Used to have a vicious terrier too, named Muhammad Zia Ul Haq, but he died. Chihuahua called Muhammad Ali Jinnah got rabies years ago, we put him down.

Any case, sorry for degress. Result of Mullen accusing Pakistan of duplicity, chicanery, treachery, and foul play (all fine Paki virtues, by the way), is that Pakistani Foreign Minister the very honourable ms. Hina Rabbani Khar (representing organized crime in that very fine piece of real estate) has threatened that Pakistan may no longer be an ally of United States.

News for you: they never were.

Any how then! That probably means that Paki generals in ISI will pull some staggering act of thuggishness, possibly loose canon (as are they all) organizing attack inside american city, or assault on American target overseas, in order to show Yankees that Pakistani sensibilitities NOT to be trifled! Whatever they do, even if not quite that overthetop, Pakistan now on downward spiral of taunting and sabotage, blackmail and threats. Much like buggery Turks under Erdogan.
But the Pakis lack even the modicum of brains of their Turkish brothers, and will make curried hash of it. At some point, we will have no choice but to nuke Islamabad and get rid of entire Pakistani top-layer, and thank god.

This lawyer-person, for one, welcomes that. There is NO conceivable use in this world for Pakistan, Pakistani people, and Pakistani standards. Not even in pig sty, or among rabid dogs.
A puke upon those sons of owls.