Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Is an idiot only!

Good lord already it has been these several months! And what pray tell I was thinking!
Well, what can say but the weather in Mother Rashtra very nice at turn of year and few months beyond.
Now not so much, it is time to head for the hill station. Which, in my case particular, is Berkeley. Having taken a nice apartment overlooking Rose Garden, very English.

Visited all the familyjis and friendjis and prestonjis who must be said salam to, and having had some fabulousji shiny suits made by derji in central.

As drunken pilot said in J4 Movie, I’m baaaaack!

Now comes houmerus quote: “The failed car bomb attack on New York may give Pakistan a bad name, Interior Minister Rehman Malik says, because the man charged is of Pakistani origin."

"This unfortunate incident, having been done under the name of Pakistan or by a Pakistani will definitely bring a bad name to Pakistan, for which we are worried."

Bear patiently with me while I try to rearrange my face. Given blathering quotient of statement, and tender simplemindedness of honourable minister, this is proving utmost difficult.
I feel my jaw muscles ache and twitch uncontrollably, with utter desperation I clap my hands to my face and force it to be into calm dispassionate rigidity, and pinch myself severly several, in hopes that quivering will stop, and I am blinking fiercely in this valiant attempt. At last.


Jolly amusing blokes, those Pakis.
He is worried. Bit late in the game.
His bad names are already cast in gilded concrete.

Even more amusing: " Mr Shahzad has admitted trying to detonate the bomb having learnt how to make it in Pakistan."

Apparently detonating he did not learn only, subject proved too complicated.
We are suggesting he call help-center very fast. Where overeducated Tamils can vocally make much light of him and waggle heads in cheerful condemnation. The stupid owl.