Saturday, April 23, 2011


I wonder if his majesty Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum has any regrets? Does the emir of Dubai even think about what his brutal police have done? Or is the demise of an Englishman, beaten to death by the emirate's sadistic and vicious police, even a matter of import on his royal horizon?

One fears not.

On April 7, Mr. Brown from Ilford in Essex was arrested by the Dubaian police, taken to the Bur Dubai Police Station, and savagely beaten as well as sexually humiliated. Then hew was dumped in a filthy cell, denied medical attention and contact with his embassy, and left to die.
Which he did, after four agonizing days.

His fate may serve as an example of Arab hospitality and, indeed, a splendid display of Arab humanity and civilization.

What was he arrested for?

Swearing. In a hotel.

Apparently the management of the Burj Al Arab Hotel does not take kindly to non-Arabs and their linguistic use. Arabs, of course, are notorious for doing far worse themsleves, ESPECIALLY to women - their treatment of Philippinas, Indonesians, and Bangladeshi women who have the misfortune to end up employed in Arab countries is horrific, and frequently includes repeated gang-rape by savage Arab men - but ire at being disturbed by a chamber maid of the pretentious Burj Al Arab Hotel is, it seems, too much.
It cannot be tolerated.

One wonders how the Burj Al Arab Hotel in Dubai treats other non-Arab guests who have the temerity to offend the delicate sensibilities of the Arabs.
Swearing, forsooth - a death penalty offense in that rancid gutbucket of a country Dubai.
The other United Arab Emirates are no doubt as vile, but lack the snooty pretentiousness and arrogance of Dubai. Though not the arrogance.

The seven emirates that comprise the United Arab Emirates are: Abu Dhaba, Ajman, Dubai, Fujairah, Ras Al Khaimah, Sharjah, and Um Al Quwain. None of them have ever produced anything of note, other than pearls, rapists, brigands, and oil. It is only by virtue of that last that they have any estimation.

Now then, from a British newspaper, some mentions.

'I'm going to die in here': Horrifying premonition of British man 'beaten to death by police' in Dubai prison
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End this cover-up, say family of Briton 'beaten to death' in a Dubai police cell after swearing arrest
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Second post mortem into death of British tourist being held in custody in Dubai
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Cellmate of Dubai cell-death Briton says he was attacked by SIX guards then left for four days
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"Cellmate of Dubai cell-death Briton says he was attacked by SIX guards then left for four days"

Six guards? It took six guards to tackle one man? Such brave souls, those Arabs!
Noble, too.

‘Please, please help me. Call my embassy, call my family . . . They beat me badly. Please help me otherwise I will die.’

Quote: "Mr Brown, a handyman from Essex, had flown first class to the Gulf city and was staying at a £1,400-a-night hotel when he was arrested after a row with a maid and jailed.
Reports from inside the notorious Bur Dubai police station claimed that his police guards had beaten him and smashed his head against the concrete floor. But no credible, in-depth testimony has surfaced from anyone who was inside the prison – until now.
The Mail on Sunday tracked down the one inmate who shared a cell with him – making him one of the last people to see and speak to him before his death.
The witness – whose identity cannot be revealed because of fears for his safety – has since been released and is assisting the victim’s family to find the truth. In an interview, he describes being thrown into the same cell after arriving at the police station in the aftermath of the alleged beating."

It is quite likely that the government of Dubai will do everything in their power to silence that witness. If he's lucky, only he will suffer.
If not, in typical Arab style, his wife and daughters will suffer a horrid fate, that they may demonstrate the unwisdom of speaking truth about the authorities in Arab emirates and gulf dictatorships.
Conceivably this will happen in a luxury suite of the prestigious Burj Al Arab Hotel (in Dubai).
After all, they have the rooms, and the obliging management.

And it's probably not the first time they will have had to repaint a suite after important Arab guests have "disported" themselves.

Quote: "His evidence reveals how Mr Brown was covered in blood from ‘awful’ head injuries and how the guards had apparently humiliated him by pulling down his jeans so his genitals were visible. Four days after leaving Mr Brown to die, the witness says police removed his body in a black bin bag.
Mr Brown, a man of modest means from Ilford, Essex, set off on what should have been a spectacular holiday in Dubai less than three weeks ago. Flying first-class on Emirates and staying in the seven-star Burj Al Arab, billed as the world’s most luxurious hotel."

Evidently the Burj Al Arab Hotel does not understand the concept of inn-keeping. And surely they should have had an interest in keeping their guest, a paying guest, out of the hands of the violent goons in the Dubai Police Force. But, conceivably, they had made mr. Brown leave his credit card number, so that should he disappear - as indeed he did - they could merrily keep charging until the account was maxed out.
What is unconscionable is that they neither concerned themselves with the well-being of their guest - whose abduction by the police was their doing - nor sought to alert his embassy.

Quote: ".... early on Thursday, April 7 – just hours after checking into the hotel – he was arrested after a confrontation with a chambermaid. Officers took him to the Bur Dubai police station – notorious as the most brutal in the city. Other prisoners later told the witness they had seen a gang of six guards laugh as they beat Mr Brown with kicks, punches and batons. They said they smashed his head against the ground and a wall."

Let this be a lesson to other visitors in the Arab world. Your safety, your rights, and even your lives count for very little there.
Far less, in fact, than you could even imagine.

Especially in Dubai.

Quote: "‘He was in a very bad way and clearly needed emergency treatment. He was bleeding from many wounds on his head and face. It was mainly coming from his right forehead and was running all the way down his chest. The blood was fresh so I would have said he was injured one hour before. There were streaks and pools of blood across the concrete floor.
‘His skin had been ripped off his arms and shoulders and there were large scratches down his chest.
‘The shackles were fastened so tightly they cut into his skin and so his hands and feet were white. And, despite it being at least 86F in there, his body was shaking and his lips and face were blue.’
He recalls how the Briton told him in a low voice: ‘Please, please help me. Call my embassy, call my family.’ Asked what happened, he said: ‘They beat me. They beat me badly. Please help me otherwise I will die.’ After this, the witness says, he closed his eyes and did not respond again."

It took six stalwart policemen to do this. Six brave Dubaian government employees. Six men wearing the uniform of his majesty Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum.
Six proud manly Arabs.

One has to wonder how many Bengalis, Pakistanis, Philippinos, Indonesians, and other non-western individuals have perished in Dubai's jails. How many are so scarred and traumatized that they can not even speak of what the Arabs did to them, can only shudder?
How many third-world women have been savaged by the barbarians of Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum?

If Dubai is anything to go by, Arabs are a repellent lot.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Vittorio Arrigoni dead at none too soon!

It is profoundly worrying that Italian busybody Vittorio Arrigoni was not able to survive the happy interplay of Palestinian politics, snuffing it out so miserably while his captors pretended he was a camel.
Could have told him: when miserable Jihadis say you're a camel, please to bleat most convincingly. In all ways like movie deliverance, but with hairy Arab actors.

Oh waiting, you are hairy too. Good, then to please pretend that you are hearing threatening banjo music, and paddle faster. Hah!

If not and otherwise, you are to become a deceased kaffir. And what else are Italian busybodies than kaffirs? With big Latin noses?

Must be buggery sad for Huwaida Arraf - her pet Italian toy whacked. Oh woe.

The entire ISM will now, of course, make weeping pains to blame the Jews. Or the Saudis. Or the Americans. Anybody but themselves for having encouraged the poor stupid Roman fool, or their own irritatingly vile selves, for having put the blister into the frying pan of Gaza. What a miserable place.

Poor red bugger snuffed it when group even more ballistic than Hamas took umbrage that their fanatic and murderous leader was being camelridden in a Hamas prison by big burly Arabs. Full frat party, everybody welcome. Bring your own hummus.

The ISM (International Solidarity Movement - mostly European dissatisfied lot and Yankee Jew-haters) loves Hamas. It is passion! Paul Larrudee in fact knows several Hamasistas intimately, never mind what they do to camels.
It's all good by him. Bent over tuned piano.

How now, radical designated camels? How are you to attract new members to your cause? Those blowsy blond pork-brains of the female persuasion have probably been worn out. Keeping Hamas goons happy is hard work. And you love them so.

Oh well, poor Vittorio Arrigoni. Too bad. Stupid radical Eureopean born every minute, though. It's probably guilt over twenty centuries of bloodshed, rape, and slaughter. Now noose on other foot.