Saturday, April 16, 2011

Vittorio Arrigoni dead at none too soon!

It is profoundly worrying that Italian busybody Vittorio Arrigoni was not able to survive the happy interplay of Palestinian politics, snuffing it out so miserably while his captors pretended he was a camel.
Could have told him: when miserable Jihadis say you're a camel, please to bleat most convincingly. In all ways like movie deliverance, but with hairy Arab actors.

Oh waiting, you are hairy too. Good, then to please pretend that you are hearing threatening banjo music, and paddle faster. Hah!

If not and otherwise, you are to become a deceased kaffir. And what else are Italian busybodies than kaffirs? With big Latin noses?

Must be buggery sad for Huwaida Arraf - her pet Italian toy whacked. Oh woe.

The entire ISM will now, of course, make weeping pains to blame the Jews. Or the Saudis. Or the Americans. Anybody but themselves for having encouraged the poor stupid Roman fool, or their own irritatingly vile selves, for having put the blister into the frying pan of Gaza. What a miserable place.

Poor red bugger snuffed it when group even more ballistic than Hamas took umbrage that their fanatic and murderous leader was being camelridden in a Hamas prison by big burly Arabs. Full frat party, everybody welcome. Bring your own hummus.

The ISM (International Solidarity Movement - mostly European dissatisfied lot and Yankee Jew-haters) loves Hamas. It is passion! Paul Larrudee in fact knows several Hamasistas intimately, never mind what they do to camels.
It's all good by him. Bent over tuned piano.

How now, radical designated camels? How are you to attract new members to your cause? Those blowsy blond pork-brains of the female persuasion have probably been worn out. Keeping Hamas goons happy is hard work. And you love them so.

Oh well, poor Vittorio Arrigoni. Too bad. Stupid radical Eureopean born every minute, though. It's probably guilt over twenty centuries of bloodshed, rape, and slaughter. Now noose on other foot.


Anonymous said...

Vittorio is truly a man of mystery. Some blogs say he was whacked because he was gay. But other blogs say he was beating his man meat with Amnesty International hottie Claudia Milani. She's the "coordinator of Israel/Occupied Territories section of Amnesty International/Italy". And perhaps Vittorio was her mainn source of info. Doesn't say alot about Amnesty's objectivity, though, does it?

Anonymous said...

The more the merrier.