Monday, February 9, 2009

Short bio

Mr. Patel (that's me) is a Parsee attorney-at-law, currently at a firm in the Bay Area.

Oh yes.

My life consists of sifting through the clerical detritus created by incompetent Bengalis and neurotic Tamils - telecommunications mostly.

For entertainment, I obsess over undergarments (the gift-wrap of the bonbon - the bonbon itself is only of precisely minor importance in this scheme), I have fond thoughts of nuking Pakistan, I adore the noble sport of cricket, and I enjoy fine (ergo non-Muslim) dining.

My parents are from Gujarat, hence I have a perfectly understandable and commendable love of Undhiu. But I realize some people are not so lucky.
I am unmarried, I like long walks on the beach, sweet pressed flake pipe-tobacco, and young women with wheatish complexions, if they are both feisty and spunky, like a hot pepper.

I am also both bahut manly and dashing, very much and exactly like Rajesh Khanna.

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