Friday, February 20, 2009

If its' berry pullao, it must be Britania!

Britannia & Co. Café - There is no greater love than eating!

This restaurant is eighty plus years old. Jolly nice that the kitchen is not.
It does not serve beef or beef products, chicken and mutton served boneless.
It is located at 11 Sprott Road, Ballard Estate (which is nearer by Victoria Terminus and the Fort area), Mumbai.

They used to do chops and things, all very British and high class. But since independence bland food has disappeared utterly from the popular taste. Hence they now will also do pullaos and biriyanis, mutton and gravy (that's goat curries to you).
It was founded by the venerable Rashid Kohinoor, father to Boman. Boman Kohinoor now manages, his venerable mother passed away also. But it remains same.

It is a plain restaurant, of typical Irani style and provenance. There is an upstairs and downstairs. The berry pullao (mutton or chicken) is very Persian and famous, the patra ni machi is more Parsee.
The Dhansak is very good, fabulous, in fact, and very much deservedly lauded. It comes with Parsee brown rice (rice cooked with browned onions and touch caramelized sugar), and kachumbar.
Their Salli Boti also excellent. Chicken cutlets are recommended, as well as margi ni farcha, kababs.
The paint on walls peeling, the chairs are rickety. Ambiance is not, strictly speaking, a commodity for which can be searched in this place. But that is not why you come. Unless perhaps you are a vegetarian, for then there is no other reason. This is a meat restaurant.

It can get crowded. Elderly uncles fight with flocks of office workers for table space at hours, but the service is fast fast no wait. And you will leave happy.


*The berries in the pullao aforementioned are dried barberries, raisinlike and tangy-sweet. They are from Persia.

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