Monday, February 16, 2009

She got lace!

I shall not speculate as to how she got it, who gave it. But the fact is that the snarky miss Wong received something lacy on or around Valentine's day. She admits so much, though not telling whom.

The blog of her depravities:

It was not me that gave it her, and I am furious in extreme. Though I know the risk presented by the age differential.
No, I shall NOT tell you my age, it is none of your wax.

Suffice it to say that whosoever gave her that lacy bit is dangerously close to leading an innocent young thing down a path of primroses - a path which properly should be leaded by none other than myself truly. And for that, eternal greenness of resentiments is much and indeed utterly justified.
It should have been me. ME! Me, miss Wong, me! Utterly and completely, precisely and entirely me! ME ME ME!!! Why not me, I am still young and utmost sproingy?!?!? Me!!!! As fine figure of a man as was likely to cross your path. With roses in addition to and adding an extra measure to the fine lacy frilly delicate and necessarily small garment! ME!

Please to be very carefull, young miss Wong, that your lacy-gifter not lead you astray. You are in danger, you are at risk. I know the perils what I am talking about; I was once as innocent and rosy faced as you.

And be sure to keep us informed of your progress in no matter how going backwards a path. We remain curiously concerned for your maintenance of virtues. Oh yes.


The back of the hill said...

Oooooooooo, is wuzzums having a wittle hissy fit?

Poooooooor wuzzums!


I think little wuzzums is indeed having a giant hissy fit. He needs to grow up. I wonder how his parents deal with him.

GRANT!PATEL! said...

I am Grant, not wuzzums. You may call me either MISTER Patel, or, if you change your snooty tone to something soft and lusciously mellifluous, Grantipoo.

Stroke my tousled hair, and wiggle a bit when you say that.

---Grantums Pattellipu