Friday, February 13, 2009

Brun maska

Have it with keema, scrambled eggs and green chilies, or jam. A brun is hard round bread which you cut while it is still hot from baking and dabbed with butter (maska), it is good in the morning sprinkled with sugar too. Dip it in your tea - the butter will leave a yummy slick on the surface of the hot liquid.

Brun does not keep, it must be eaten fresh.


The best place is Meherwanji Zend's place in the fort, Yazdani Restaurant and Bakery - 11/11-A, Cowasji Patel Marg, Fort, Mumbai. It is near the stock exchange, not far from Flora Fountain. It was started by mr. Zend's father. Unlike many Irani cafes, it is not on a corner. It is never the less the very quintessence of an Irani Cafe.
The brun maska should be eaten there at one of the marble-topped tables. It is sliced across for buttering, then downwards so that it can be dipped in the cup of chai provided.

They also make pau, marble bread, Shrewsbury biscuit, apple pie, mava puff, madeira cake, lemon tart, bread of many types, and wedding cake. And much else too, especially and of course a bread pudding. Plus fiery ginger biscuit. At Christmas you may purchase the rum & plum cake. They deliver to all the best hotels.

They do not use chemicals or artificials, it is baked delicious goodness at its pure best.

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