Tuesday, December 7, 2010

I am sotted!

Oh it is lovely thus. Company had end of year/ white person hiloday at E and O trading company (Grant at Sutter, very nice). Met Bawiji wh0 sit behind cublicle wall, Matthew-Kate, Blonderspoon, other persons and Shanananon, plus several blennies, and Edwadji so wanting to be be blonde. As well as others. Yes, I am besotted. Stark raving raving drunk at present time. And it goooooooooood.

Well, maybe chicken sate not so good. Smelleing it is like lighter fluid. Oh well. I need to emphasize – chicken in skwerer with peanuht seauce LESS than impressive. That, perhaps, greatest disappointment of evening. Burning rubber.

Let me not talk about carpet. Ugly.

Evenso. Fine time it was had by all. Even very tall corporate type. Who with his lovely lady wife was in attendance to the festivities. All whaite person gora festivities very fancy oh my. I am thinking I should maybe retire to Mumbay next spring, these things are really ecxtnding me too much.

Why it is that I am fascinated by panties and cricket. If I were Jeddi Knight I could answer. But I am merely drunken purely hypothetical person, so no answer really suffice. Alas.

Spellcheck not working tonight. Again alas. Hello small Cantonese females. Lovely.
Nuke Pakistan. Cricket. Eat. That is what I am saying only. Whiskey and water. Johnny Walker Red. Well whiskey well. And eaties.

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Hobson Jobson said...

You, Sir, are being a loony only.