Friday, December 10, 2010

Meat you shall HAVE!

And I am noticing that miniscule person is now talking of food! Though, distressingly, some gibberish about vegetarian. Which I do not eat. Except when I am at Pritijis fine place. Vinod bhai and lovely wife cook meat, as do also Maria and lovely hubby.
And going without saying entirely that I am meat cooking person. How else otherwise?


But all appearances show Steffy as having regrettable veg-heads in extended family. Her most recent posting about Shredded dried mushroom with pressed tofu!

Which it is that her aunty Ling was having prepared.

As she (the infectious Asian herself might say:


While I am certain it must have been tasting absolutely spelendiferrous in all intelligible facets, do please forgive my trembling temerity in forcefull assertations that appetizzy description was not registered. No. Most not.
And she further clarifies: "Dinner was vegetarian, ‘cause auntie Ling really thinks it’s better for the soul to avoid meat."

Let the soul eat what the soul eats! The body requires meat!

Big bloody hunks of well-done goat or sorpotel. Little lamb chops with garlic and pepper. Chicken in an oily rich yellow sauce, or dense orange-hued all restaurant fashion makhanwalla. A rusty masaladar! Batak! With chilies!
Or secretly beef with apricots and lovely brown rice.
Fine motton ground for kabob. Or packed onto seekh for fire. What IS this vegetarian? Are we all pasty goralog?
I ask you only.
Beti, eat meat! You are small! It will make you cabaple of arm-wrestling future husband for contents of cash box!

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