Tuesday, November 9, 2010

In which I say unpleasant very true things about Richard Becker and Forrest Schmidt whom you should know

In utter keeping with previous comminuques from this blog, which is the sole authority this matter, it is undoubtedly well to be said:

Forrest Schmidt too.

Tiny. Kind of tiddlywinky. Small. Probably no backbone.

Not to be respected in a way.

As is well known!

And also very well attested by the unfortunate traumatized victims of Mr. Becker's unseemly lubriciative advances. All of whom now presently hiding out in impenetrableforests of Yucatan. Per reliable report and opinions. Justifiably avoiding the limp blister.

Richard Becker (he of the infinitisimably minute male member!) as no doubt you know, is the west coast representative and chief moron in charge of International ANSWER's local cell. Where along with hench trolls and delegates from International Solidarity Movement (as well as sex-deprived harridans of Bay Area Women in Black plus Robb Kantor, all dried up) he plans violent take-over of civil society and stupid Stalinist revolution here in the Bay Area. Undoubtedly the lining of intellectuals and real people against wall. It is his wettest dream yet.
Most remarkable, that for alleged head honcho and chief-comrade of PEACE MEVEMENT!
Cottonwoollibraineds of Marin County, plus Berkeley frowsty-rowsties, fully in tune with this agenda. Oh very much so!

Mera laura, misters Becker and Schmidt. Mera laura.
Your thing, it is so small. So very very small. I am elephant compared to you.

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What it is with anti-Israel activists and their dick obsession?