Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Further to Pakistani depravity, with generous flavoring of Washingtonian imbeciles

US government seems much likely to have lost marbles, stuck head in a dark smelly place as regards Pakistan. Not much surprising, Pakistan is fundamental to misguided policies in which too much invested by Foggy Bottom and ignorant ideologues to give up now.

How to spell 'stupid'?
This way: W. A. S. H. I. N. T. O. ... etcetera.


US speeds up 'Save Pakistan' proposals
4 Mar 2009, 0527 hrs IST, Chidanand Rajghatta, TNN

Quotes: Tuesday's stunning terrorist attack in Lahore on the Sri Lankan cricket team has galvanized Washington into further speeding up efforts to save Pakistan from imminent collapse with massive amounts of economic and military aid.

---So that can succesfully kill all visiting sportsters next time?


Q: However, as with many US officials and lawmakers, including those from the previous administration, Obama also seemed to labour under the impression that the safe havens are confined largely to Pakistan's frontier regions, even events suggested terrorism has urban underpinnings with strikes in Islamabad, Karachi, Quetta, and in this instance, Lahore.

---Entire buggery Islamabad, even 100% of country, is a safe haven. Pakistani politicians provide safety for terrorists and jihadis in return for share in drug profits and prostitutes, besides being hatefilled murderous buggers themselves inimical to all rest of world. Save for drug-connexion, precisely like many dixie political bosses. Just more so and far worse.

Q: Studies by Pakistani researchers have shown that the country's Punjab region, home to Lahore, has emerged as the hotbed of radical activity and terrorist strikes. Many analysts have also pointed out that most of the wanted terrorists, including 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and alleged ISI ward Omar Saeed Sheikh, were captured or surrendered in cities.

---Punjabi enterprise. Too much butter, not enough brains. A degenerate and deviant population engaged in law breakings and several cruelties. Cornfed mutants.

Q: The headquarters of the ISI-sponsored Pakistani terrorist organization Lashkar-e-Taiba, which changed its name to Jamaad-ul-Dawa is in the town of Muridke, close to Lahore. The intelligence community in India and US believe LeT-JuD wards, trained by active or renegade ISI and Pakistan military officials, carried out the Mumbai attack.

---Renegade? Renegade?!?! Hah! Not bloody likely. Pakistani politicos are all murderers and thieves.


Q: The blogosphere was thick with speculation that the second group was trained to attack the Indian cricket team (which cancelled its tour of Pakistan after the Mumbai carnage), but "settled" for the largely Buddhist (and therefore "kaffir") Sri Lankan team.

---Religion of peace my buggery aunt! This shows all ways how murderous the witchcraft cult began by the child-molesting merchant rapist of Mecca actually is! If any religion should be banned and eradicated in the civilized world and Europe, it is Islam. But rather than leveling mosques, merely turn them into massage parlours and exercise clubs. Let the smell of wholesome sweat erase the frightful stench of the Qoran.

Q: Some Pakistani TV hosts, under the benign eye of the Islamic Republic's new civilian dispensation, vigorously promote such garbage as "kaffir" and "dar al-harb" to foster religious hatred.

---Further proof of Paki degeneracy!

Q: In Washington, where Pakistan is now viewed as a terrorist state by reputation if not by designation and headlines are describing it as the new Somalia, Obama referred to a comprehensive review of US policy on the region Washington now calls Af-Pak and said he will be making a series of announcement prior to the Nato summit that immediately follows the G-20 summit next month.

---Better make right decisions, boys. Take out Pakistan's military capabilities before they go feral. Otherwise, very likely dirty bomb attack in Western Hemisphere - London or New York. Maybe both.

Q: The scuttlebutt here is that the administration mandarins and senior lawmakers are lining up billions of dollars in fresh economic and military aid to Pakistan, in an effort, they say, to arrest its slide into chaos. There is consternation in Indian circles that such aid, without conditions and oversight, will push Pakistan towards further militarization as it did in the 1980s when Ronald Reagan's largesse resulted in engineering a hard-line militarised fundamentalist state.

---This would be stupidest American move ever.
War in Iraq not buggery goofy enough? Hah!
Bail-out of thieving banks and brokers not sufficiently loony? Double hah!
Gutting all environmental and FDA protections and protocols not entirely and completely disastrous? Triple hah!
Now watch rabid rogue state go into stratosphere of threatening, a danger to world far and wide. Also by means of agents in every Paki curry shop from here to Stratford and the furthest reaches of bollocky Europe continent.

Q: The leading light of what Indian analysts call Washington's misguided "throw-money-at-the-problem" policy is Senator John Kerry, who has taken the baton from vice-president Joe Biden to head the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, which will pilot the aid Pakistan project.

---Man's an idiot. Q.e.d.

Q: Congressional aides and administration officials are said to be conferring on an aid package to the tune of $5 billion to shore up Pakistan, which is desperately making the argument that it will fall victim to terrorism if it is not given large dollops of aid instantly. This is in addition to a $15 billion package spread over a decade (@ $1.5 billion annually) that is in the works.
The new aid package is being pushed by Kerry and co unmindful of government audit reports that say Pakistani military has defrauded the United States in the war on terror to falsely claim millions in US tax-payer dollars. Funds given to fight the war on terror on its Afghan border have also been diverted by the Pak army to bulk up for a confrontation with India

---Several more idiots. As well as multitudinous varieties of poltroons, inbreds, and downright irresponsible not to say ethically crippled swine. Who have no loyalty to the country which provides them so generously with a pork barrel to dispense to the thieving gandoos in Islamabad. But are possibly also themselves on the take, and receiving kickbacks and little girls (or little boys - we do not wish to be occused of sexism here) from antichrists in Paki military uniforms. Or Arabs.



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