Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Link to Jack day

I am in receipt of a brief from another person.

This is not surprising, and there is no real cause to dwell upon the particulars. It is unactionable, and no law suit is either threatened or implied. There is no case entirely. It is not legal, nor is it insulting.

I post it here for your avid curiosity:


Hello Snooky and Grant,

Today is the second day of the third annual 'link to Jack day', an absurdist holiday in certain parts of the J-blogsphere.

For explanation, see here:

I have already done my celebratory duty and linked here:

Please join the happy throngs, and also link to Jack. Why? Because!
And after all, why not?



PS. Yes, Grant, I blind-copied Snooky on this e-mail. I really do not want you importuning her with unseemly requests for her panties or pajamas. I know you.


With greatness of pleasure I shall thus link to Jack - so that the Jack world may see how little Atboth is trusting me with the delectable miss Wong's pertinent contact information, how he now is looking askance at my as yet entirely hypothetical and thusfar nonexisting relation with the tasty temptress in questions.
Absurd, and woundful. As I am above all a gentleman. I would not worry her for her garments. It is up to her to gift them if she so chooses delightedly. And to whom is to be granted is her own beeswax truly. Nor would I suggest it in any other way. Mere curiosity of an intellectual nature need not be seen as a perverse desire to have, hold, stroke, and fondle, frillies.
Fair not, quite other, indeed!

Atboth, that was MOST unkind of you. But okay now. Hi Snooky.



You're disgusting!!!!!!!!!!

Atboth, thanks for not sharing my e-mail address with mister Patel.

Jack said...

And I thank you kindly for your participation in this fine holiday.

GRANT!PATEL! said...

Atboth is cruell. You, miss Wong, are evil. As I have already detailed at loving length elsewhere.

Jack, you're very welcome. Pleased to oblige in all ways.

---Grant patel

Spiros said...

She may be evil, but that doesn't give you any license to work the gooseberry lay.

Spiros said...

The gosseberry lay, for those who are wasting time reading this string of blitherance, is stealing clothes off of clotheslines; by implication, pilfering Snooky Wong's delicates.


He'd have to find them first. He's likely to look in all the wrong places. Like in his surrounding area. Where the only delicates would either be the ones he already ownes, or disreputable ones even he wouldn't be caught dead in. I hope.

Spiros said...

You may be underestimating Mr. Patel: it could well be that he possesses a preternatural ability to sniff out young ladies' unmentionables.


He can sniff al he wants. He shall not smell my undies.

But I would really, really like to be there when they arrest him for putting his wet nose up the wrong skirt.

GRANT!PATEL! said...

I smell something rosy.... sweet, delicious, deliquescent.....

Mmmm, snif, Snifff, mmmmmmm!

---Jean Luque Prickbeard

GRANT!PATEL! said...

OoooOoOOOoOOOooooohhh!!! Yummmmmm!

OoooooOoOooooooOoOooohhh! OooOOoOOOoh!


---Temporarily Otherwise