Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Goan Prawn

And more so than the English, Goanese like their pr0wn. If not for parwns, no life.
Or so I have been told.
Goan seafood is very good. There are several fine restaurants in Bombay that serve Goan foods. But best it is to make the dishes at home.

Goan Jhingga Masala

Two pounds large fresh prawn, shelled and veined.
Half cup oil, half cup finely chopped onions.
Two tablespoons chili paste.
One tablespoon ground turmeric.
One teaspoon turmeric.
Half teaspoon each: sweet red pepper powder, cinnamon powder.
Quarter teaspoon clove powder.
Plenty chopped ginger, a little garlic.
Three or four tablespoons vinegar.
Three or four tablespoons tamarind water.

Whirr all except prawns oil, and onion in the blender. Water may be added.
Fry onions golden brown. Add masala, cook till the oil separates.
Add prawns, cook till done.

This dish should be a nice ruddy in hue. It will be good with rice, but roti also can.


The back of the hill said...

Ah yes, more of the Catholic cooking. Very Parsee.

Looks good, though.
No kokum?


Can it be done with far less chili? It looks a bit too hot.

GRANT!PATEL! said...

Youcould. But then it would be less Goani, more Wongi.

Have a sweet chutney on the side instead, and plenty of rice. Plus yoghurt.

---Grant Patel