Monday, May 4, 2009

Glasgow pig Neil MacGregor

Stupid skirt-wearing type threatened to blow up mosques in Glasgow. Manifestly not a serious threat, except in his own pinhead. Gentleman in raggy skirt, by name of Neil MacGregor, made threatening phonecall to that effect, and sent an e-mail to police outlining his proposal. To whit: blow up Glasgow Central Mosque, kill a Muslim everyday until all mosques in Scotland closed.

See BBC here:

In part, bollocky skirt-wearing girlie boy MacGregor wrote: "I'm a proud racist and National Front member. We as an organisation have decided to deal with the current threat from Muslims in our own British way, like our proud ancestors. Our demands are very small. Close all mosques in Scotland. If our demands aren't met by next Friday, we'll kidnap one Muslim and execute him or her on the internet, just like they did to our Ken Bigley."

Again, inbred idiot sheepintercourser SENT THE E-MAIL TO POLICE!
Stupid ooloo, you are thinking they cannot read? You are really and truly being that utterly dumb?

Why don't you paint your ugly pink bottom blue and hide in the peat bogs, beak-nosed paleface? That is exactly and precisely how your "proud" gandu ancestors dealt with the Romans, Saxons, Vikings, and English invading forces, and that is what in the end your gandu descendants will be left with only. Anybody who goes to Scotland to live improves the place immensely while ensuring their own lasting misery. Scratchy skirts on underwearless men, hairy women, sheep buggery, bloody mindedness, and Rabbi Burns. All of these described in detail by visitors to hell, such as infernal Dante.

Oh, and very good whiskey. Which is far too expensive for you bollocky fuzz-bottomed Scots anyhow, that is why Japanese and Americans buy all.

I do not like Muslims. Not at all. But a Muslim who settles in Scotland is suffering enough, while no doubt providing the excellent service worth its weight in gold of vending Biriani, Kabab, and Vindaloo, so that any misguided visitors not have to suffer sheep intestines or deepfried spam while awaiting the departure of their flight from the bloody buggery bollocky blasted bhainchote bogs.
And that is a most noble venture indeed. Glasgow mardabad.



Is it because you don't like the Scots, or is it because he's crossed a line that is clear to you but not to us?
He sounds very much like you, only more violent.

rlr said...

well done grant,now eveyone knows what a wanker you are

The back of the hill said...

well done grant,now eveyone knows what a wanker you are

Grant is probably overjoyed to hear that everyone reads his blog.

As, indeed, everyone should. Including world-class wankers like Neil MacGregor, the commenter who signed herself 'rlr', and the entire frigging city of Glasgow (which, it is suggested above, is likely awash in bollocky fuzz-bottomed skirt-wearing sheep-intercoursers).

Glasgow mardabad.