Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Great Cricket!

Deccan beat Bangalore.

Of course first question must asking is why this in Jo-burg? Why bollocky heck off continent?!?! But never mind. It is explained.

"The tournament was staged in South Africa because of security concerns. It clashed with the recent Indian general election and with the government unable to provide security assurances, South Africa pipped England to act as replacement hosts."

Spurious reason as any. Just happy to be playing for uninvolved audience in international waters. Bangalore not exactly cultural center of universe, now is it?

"Deccan Chargers beat Royal Challengers Bangalore by six runs in Johannesburg in the final of the second season of the Indian Premier League."

Great game. Well played. Deccan tops.



That you enjoyed the game is evident. Why you did so is somewhat baffling. You could be more descriptive (tho not much, as that interested most of us probably aren't).

GRANT!PATEL! said...

It was VERY well played. You should watch it.

All available on youtube. Several hours. Have some tea while you do.

---Grant Patel

Fuzz Bert Fan Club said...

Post post post something about Gilad Atzmon! And the BFUU!
Something critical, yay!
Please post. Yay, yay!

Alfy and Aethy