Saturday, May 16, 2009

Richard Becker, very tiny manhood, and International ANSWER

It is case that International ANSWER, supporters of violent Jihad of known record, are now in legal troubles due to untennable littering and propaganda nuisance in city of San Francisco.
About buggery time. For a while it was impossible to traverse the streets and bustees of this city without encountering their offensive pro-Islamic terrorism literature, or seeing upon lamposts and sidings their advocacies of killing Jews by Hamas and other degenerates. But now, praise Allah, International ANSWER is having to fork over pronto if not sooner several tens of thousands of dollars for cleanup of their trashings.

Bugger them. Bugger them good.

As in someway detailed this post:

Author of that post calls International ANSWER anti-Semitic. As indeed they are. Every single one of their events past six years had Jew-hatred and pro-Hamas dripping from the rafters.
Their support for Jihadis in Afhganistan and Pakistan was clearly evident.
Dislike of civil democracies and civilized discourse marked their rhetoric.

And, as is well-known, Richard Becker is of insufficient manhood.
It is very tiny.
Not impressive in any way.
Barely manhood at all, in fact.
Do you have a loupe?

Poor chap cursed with a very tiny lor, the use of which is wellnigh impossible without tweezers and a profound sense of humor, both of which he is lacking. His frustration mounts with each failed mounting. Noodly appendage not even spaghetti strap dimension, and utterly void of horn. Poor basterd. Sod him.

Viagra, of course, is not at all revolutionary, and cigars though much macho and a Clintonian substitute for dismissive member, too expensive for working class hero wannabe. Besides, that is trademark of Fidel Castro, and favored by bourgeois.

If there is anything that mister Richard Becker fears more than performance anxiety, it is being unmasked as hopelessly pretentious bourgeois poseur. That shrivels more than anything. No more the well-turned Levantine bints for his delectation, no more the choirboys turned delinquent. Alas, he would a laughing stock, and Bob Avakian's group would never cease tormenting him.
They can forgive him his insufficiency, because it is not at all unusual among Stalin worshippers. Why, even old Bob himself is lacking in that department. Bollocks.

Maybe rubber bands and weights? Very Josef Broz Tito, if attempted. Or perhaps even extenzy? Spanish flies? Injections?

None of wich of any concern, because basic problem is, as aforesaid, an utter lack of size. There is not enoughness there. Any efforts waste of time without reasonable quantitiy animal protein in the privy parts.

Oh well. Progenation not a worry. Ha ha ha.


Anonymous said...

Uh. I'm speechless.

And all this time I thought size didn't matter. Thats what I've been telling my girlfriend, anyway


Anonymous said...

This is supposed to be a happy occassion. Why all the concern about Dick's dick?

Herbert said...

But father! I don't WANT to marry prince Lucky! I want to SING!

[cue violins]

Little Dick said...

Comrade Forrest, you don't HAVE a girlfriend! She was on medication! And just coz she still is don't mean any thing!
Stop getting that prescription renewed, those are general funds!

Yours revolutionarily,

Comrade B.

Anonymous said...

I do so have a girlfriend! I do! I do! She's the one with the very
large expanses of land!

Comrade Forrest

RevComUSA! said...

Hah! You wish! Mere swampy bits! You WWPers are all alike, just bluster and boasting.

You have nothing, do you hear me, nothing! I shall throw rotten eggs at you paper tigers, you and wee Dicki-wix!

Forward, revolutionary vanguard!

Chairman Bob

GRANT!PATEL! said...

I weep for you, perverts!

---Grant Patel

GRANT!PATEL! said...

Nut not for you, mister Avakian. You are a sick basterd.

---Grynt Petrovitch

Anonymous said...


The furor stems from the link between International Answer and the extreme left-wing Workers World Party.

The Workers World Party and Richard Becker, a party leader and leader of International Answer, have defended Saddam Hussein's regime in Iraq, Kim Jong Il of North Korea, Milosevic -- who is on trial at the Hague for war crimes -- and Chinese leaders who put down the 1989 "counter-revolution" in Tiananmen Square.

The tiny party also espouses anti-Israeli and anti-capitalist views.

The Workers World Party was founded in the early 1960s around an obscure communist theoretician named Sam Marcy. It supported Mao Zedong's Cultural Revolution in the 1960s, and in the 1980s it backed the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan.

"Nobody took them seriously until the collapse of Communism, when the Soviet Union stopped paying for many communist groups in the West," said Stephen Schwartz, a former Chronicle reporter and conservative author. "They're all that's left."