Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Are Parsees farklempt?

This calendar ? The Shahanshahi calendar is wrong by thirty days at all times from the kadimi, and neither hew to the rigid flexibility of the fasili sal. Which, of course, is both logical and correct. But and therefore utterly wrong.

12 x 30, plus five days.
Plus one, if you are a hereticus.

The kadimi calendar has the support of three atash beherams plus the simple peasantry of Yazd, by reason of the completely wrong pronunciations instituted (for absolutely all the right reasons) by the much-respected mister Firoz Kaws Dastar two centuries ago. The other five atash beherams contrariwise follow the correct pronunciation and rigidly the wrong calendar.
Both standard behdini and kushnumi are equally as divided. And on these bases we discriminate against our own. A house divided, as they say, toppels in plural directions.

In many ways the case of that French woman was much more simple. Even though it made of an egalitarian religion a caste and ethnic entity, and opened the door to the exclusion of those with a non-Parsee parent.
Admit any John Doe Irani, but shriek angrily if an outsider enters. Wail, wail, wail.
It is enough to make one disbelief.


bemusedly amphibious said...

Umm...would anybody care to guess what Mr. Patel is gibbering about?

The back of the hill said...

Something about the Parsi calendar, from what I can tell.

I'm already up to my eyebrows in alternative calendars already, so I ain't gonna ask.

If the Patelibator chooses to ellucidate, fine and good. If not, also f and g.