Saturday, April 18, 2009

Biriani at Dorabjee's

If you are an aficionado of food and happen to be in Poona, then to Dorabjee and Sons you really must go. It is on Dastur Meher Road, number 845, in Sharbatwala chowk, Camp. Simple décor, what means basically none. Tile walls, windows, simple tables and seating round about thirty people more or less.
If mutton is what you want, you are now in heaven. Generous portioning, fast service.

Owned and operated by Dariyush Dorabjee, great grandson of founder Sorabjee Dorabjee.

Birianis are famous here, but on Sunday also you can order excellent Dhansak – whether chicken or lamb, either you are wanting. Salli Margi also recommended as well as Salli Boti, lagan nu custard truly exceptional. The gravies for salli margi, salli boti, good and properly spiced. The salli crisp.

But if only Mutton Biriani ordered, you will not go wrong also. This century old restaurant is a classic, birianis prepared over charcoal, at reasonable pricings.

Eat here soon, among last of its kind, the dreadful march of Udipi dosadookans taking over.
It is near Ambedkar Doctor road and J.J. Garden.
Dorabjee’s is possibly good main reason to visit Poona, unless you have uncles and aunties.

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