Saturday, April 18, 2009

Marz-O-Rin at Bakhtiar Plaza

Marz-O-Rin Restaurant is ideal for after energetic all day shopping. It is always crowded, and always fast. Thus maximizing on both location and pedal traffics. Tables are small small, do not order a banquet. But come with a friend.

First order and pay, then pick up plate. Staff very personable. Service with a toothy smile. Oh yes.

Marz-O-Rin for delicious Chicken Roll, or Tomatoes and Green Chatni sandwhiches, Cheese Souffle, and Cold Coffee. Also cafeteria food in the generic English fashion (Macaroni? Spaghetti? What are these strange beasts?!?!), plus nowadays also burgers, hence it is a most excellent place for Gora watching - Angrezilog always wanting home food, even if that food in its precise local manifestation purely a speculative hypothesis only without significant original authentic elements.

Also most excellent for punekar watching, not just goralog. Brugers with right hand only, and desperation is clear. Eyes go pop.

Chicken sandwhiches knock standard SF shop chicken salad on a roll to-go out of the water. Good enough to eat here, go up on balcony. The place is by MG Road.

Cooverbhen was always fond of this place. Though the seatings were too fragmentary for her generously ample forump. I can still hear the heart-stopping creaking and see the shock-widened eyes of other patrons and matrons as she eased herself into the agonized sacrificial seatable. No koorchee ever suffered as much, and witnessing was an adventure. Extra spice was thusly added to the casual bite. Uncle Bunnyjee has not since then, been there.

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