Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Spat between Lester and Windy

John Dyson of West Indies, issued remarks which displeased the arrogant Britishman David Smith, basha of Leicestershire. He refuses to take kindly comments about falling wickets. Perhaps sour grapes, or just not sportsmanlike.

One cannot but unescape the conclusion that British, as so often their side, are not able to graciously host, especially if tourists not quite own type of old chap.

Warmup match with Leicestershire.
Monday, Dyson made comment re Grace Road pitch after Leicestershire dismissed for a small total, own side reduced to 80-4.
But spirited play by West Indies contradicted his assertion, with the visitors ending the 100 overs of their first innings 138 runs ahead.

Benn unchanged today for 24 overs, as Lesterwallahs went from trailing by 87 overnight to finishing 100 runs ahead. Then draw agreed upon. Chanderpaul, Edwards, and Gayle not with squad at this point.

Coming up: Play against Essex should be exciting, as well as against Derby at end of month. Test match at Lords in May.

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