Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Miss Wong's delightful panties!

It is with great and humble joy that I acknowledge that miss Snooky Wong has generously made me a fine gift of her panties. That is to say, she has described them in greate detail, in a mannaer that leaves no guessing as to her mentalitites and motives.

It is like reading a charming menu at a fine restaurant, manifestly not the vegetarian section.
Meaty, my heavens. And most utterly delightful indeed.

See this lovely lyrical post:

Isn't that sweet?

Just too, too.

She defines her panties:

Briefs are panties that come up to the waist and have a plain style of leg opening. They are comfortable, but at worst granny style and baggy. Plenty of cloth from leg to waist.

Bikini briefs have leg openings that are cut above the thigh, fully cover the rear and front, but have a waistband that rides over the hips rather than across the waist. Some are really low, for people who wear lowriders and kidney pops. Narrow band of coth from leg to waist.The long ones are very sweet, if you do not have a long torso and short legs.

French cut briefs have the highest cut of leg opening, wich is canted slightly forward. The waistband is at the natural waist line. Medium amount of cloth between leg and waist, sometimes not. Not suitable for fatty thighs.

High cut briefs are panties with a high-rise leg opening, and ride at or above the natural waistline. Medium or narrow band of cloth.Hipster briefs have low-cut leg openings, almost straight across. They ride significantly below the navel. Some middle-aged women like them, and they also look cute on teenagers. They look boxy. Most Chinese people should not wear them. Well, the women at least.


All of this what makes the following clear: innocent little teenagers should wear regular briefs, as well as delicate boned blondes. Bikini Briefs can be worn by anyone except large black women, even Tamils or large Punjabi truckdriver type females, French Cut Briefs will look gorgeous on someone without excess curvatures, so no Arabs or Pakistani Matrons but Greeks and Italians okay (absolutely no Jugoslavians!!!), Hipster Briefs shall be ideal on high bottomed Punjabi young ladies and Somali girls, but not Arabs, Chinese girl persons, or Germans, and Thongs look best on athletic but not overly thin white girls. Something rounded.

All of the above except the last mentioned thong will look both dashing and mouthwatering on a petite Cantonese female personage, such as we know that Snooky Wong herself is. Not even five feet, per her own words.

Now we shall patiently expect her deep thoughts about lace edging, embroidery, and panels. Her insights are delicious and poetic. Oh yes. And within her fine pruple prosing will be inevitably a descriptus unmatched from what we can cleverly and perspiricaceously reconstruct her own small curvy graces, imagining only the warm golden skin and gentle fruited swellings. Come now, little mincks, your fevered fans await! Scribble us your tempting sweetness!


The back of the hill said...

You're off your bean.

GRANT!PATEL! said...

Lentil. Not bean. I do not eat bean. That is too too Goo-joo.

---Grant Hardnosedhokkipucks


Grant, the only lace embroidery I can imagine in your case is the name tag on the straightjacket. Along with support panels for your paunch.

And never you mind my 'gentle fruited swellings', you disgusting little man.

GRANT!PATEL! said...

OOOOh, violently fruited swellings!

---Grant Yoghurtherebabyhere

GRANT!PATEL! said...

Does the straight jacket come with stretchable parts? Or do I need a bigger but?

---Grant Moderatebust