Friday, May 22, 2009

Illuminating Richard Becker et al

And further pursuant communists and their murderous tendencies and depravities, I would bring to your several attentions this fine article in the BBC:
Police die in India Maoist attack

I shall quote:
"Suspected Maoist rebels in India have killed 16 police personnel in a gun battle in the western state of Maharashtra, police say. The attack took place near the town of Nagpur, close to a rebel stronghold near the border with the state of Chhattisgarh where Maoists are active.
Local police chief Pankaj Gupta told the BBC that 11 policemen had been killed and five policewomen. Mr Gupta said they were ambushed by gunmen and none survived. "

And further:
"More than 6,000 people have died during their (the communists) 20-year fight. "

Well then, now we know what scumsucking revowallahs such as Richard Becker, his dogsbody Forrest Schmidt, and the entire collection of Bay Area Reds wish to do. Kill kill kill. As Becker mister has on several occassions screamed at the top of his lung, in civic center, at demonstrations in Oakland, and in front of a certain consulate. The man is odious. Loathsome.

And quite possibly a traumatized sexual deviant. One can only imagine, though one above all should not, heaven forfend and preserve us, what horrible memories he brought with him from a sadly depraved childhood in his parents house. Perhaps he hates his mother, we shall not speculate.
Years and years of therapy might lead him to a sane and rational sexuality, instead of subverting his wounding to the vocalled encouragement of hate and violence. Yet during his speeches, he is coward in so much that should breaking and bottles ensue from the crowd, he will yet claim plausible denialbility.
Twisted despicable man. All the instincts of a mad Delhwi mullah encouraging strife, all the fine sensitivities of a rancid Pakistani fanatic, but none of the balls. And a very tiny penis.


GRANT!PATEL! said...

What, no Pakis deny? That means admitting it only!

---Not Grantpatelnosir

GRANT!PATEL! said...

Oh, sorry, tansparent. Forgot to disable. But no matter. Stupid Pakis won't know.

---Greenspork Prondernaj