Thursday, May 21, 2009

In which I apologize to miss Wong

Well okay then. Atboth has convinced me to stop teasing miss Wong about her inquireis pursuant the very tiny infinitissimaly SMALL penile member of the foul communist head hunch in the Bay Area, the reprehensible and in all ways disgusting Richard becker.

Suffice it to say that much discussion has been had. And it is a known fact that he is so small. So verry verry small.

But miss Wong's interest, of course, was purely scientific. Microgonads are a curiosity. And communists, especially of the solidly middle-class salon variety, are subculturally and anthropologically interesting. Especially if you can poke them with a sharp stick.

I am sorry, miss Wong, Snooky (may I call you that?), I was wrong. You have NO gooey interests in mister Richard Becker. You probably just wish to examine him medically. And if so, wear gloves. Radical poseurs frequently acquire several nasty body odors and head lice. Sterilize all equipment, and shower under plenty of hot water afterwards. Then curl up on your bed wearing only those pink pink panties of which you have told us, and the motorhead tee-shirt which is too tight, too tight.
I shall fondly imagine yourself doing so.


GRANT!PATEL! said...

And please to note: SINCERE!

---Grant Patel

GRANT!PATEL! said...

And please, sincerely comment. Or else I shall make more unfounded statements about your panties! Nice, skimpy silken panties!

---Grant Assuredly