Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Netherlands beat English, Pakis beat Netherlands!

Hah! And alas! The Netherlandish cricket team beat English, then got beaten by Pakistan! How do you feel now, mister Atboth, how do you feel now? And it is a shame!

The world would have cheered you, lauded you fiercely, and praised your several achievements, had you but beat the stuffings out of those bhainch...t pakis. And you should have! Cricket is a measure of morals, mister Atboth, it is a game of gentlemen. How and why the Pakis dare play it is mysterious, and that you did not defeat them is a blot on the old escutcheon. Be ashamed!

What an utter defeat for goodness and light. Pakistan victorious, what disaster! For shame! For shame! Oh woe woe woe!!!
Indeed you should bow your many million heads, that this buggery bollocky Paki lauras did triumph.


The back of the hill said...

Is that a gloat or a prolonged lament? It's hard to figure it out.

And where was this game played? That may have something to do with it... the Dutch are civilized eaters, and if it was anywhere in the Anglo world, it will have affected their game.

The back of the hill said...

I'm still almighty surprised that the Dutch even play cricket, by the way.

Spiros said...

Baseball as well: go figure.