Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Went down to civic centre on Saturday and my heavens! There was a rabble there! On one side of the street, Richard Becker and his very tiny penis, plus some Israel-hatred cultmembers, and on the other side, rowdy Jews!

I will admit, I like rowdy Jews. I know several.

Richard Becker, on my other hand, not so much. Not, in fact, at all. And the minisculosity of his prehensile member is not at all to do with it. The man is a little puke.
As, of course and naturally also, his Jew-hating naxalite goondas.

Now, it has come to my attentions, that the delectable miss Snooky Wong was also down there that day and that hour. And that she was searching for notorious panty thief ATBOTH.
I shall quote from this post:
In which she says (and I quote): "I tried to spot Atboth, 'cause I thought it would be fun to finally meet him, but I couldn't tell who he was. There was nobody there smoking a pipe. And I don't know what he looks like. "

Zooks! And madrchu........!!!!!!!

I was there! Not only the man who smells of stale cigars, but me!!!! I too was being there! You could have and should have been looking for and at me!


Little mincks, why do you waist your time on forsaken pursuits. Why must you so decisivly ignore my several well known manlish attributes? Unlike Richard Becker, I have normal sized parts, and unlike Atboth (who smells of stale cigars), I reek of fresh clean tobacco, and spices.
I am the very epigramme of an exotic likeable chap.

Promise me this, little miss, next time you forget about the stale Dutchman and look for the handsome clearfaced desi with merest whisp of white at temples, waving waving waving gaily a gift of dark dark lace. And nothing else!

Oh, and ignore the gnomish man with the bad front teeth, sourpuss face, and spectacles. That would be Richard Becker, who as everyone already knows has a very very very tiny penis.
I cannot imagine that you or anyone else might have any interest in him, he is unimportant in the slightest. As fits.


GRANT!PATEL! said...

Chopped. I have been informed that that is supposed to be chopped. Chipped beef, chopped liver. I am neither.

---Grant Meat

The back of the hill said...

Chipped or chopped, scant difference. Clearly you are a pervert.

One with refined tastes, but evenso.


Started good, ended on a depraved note. You have your won unique style of writing.

I am not interested in your lace or mister Becker's tiny penis.

But I wouldn't mind meeting Atboth. He's safe. He's been with the same woman for umpty years.
You, mister Patel, clearly live alone. And you're a wolf.

GRANT!PATEL! said...


Have some prawn curry, my dear. You look a little peaked.

Lace garters too tight?

---Grant Executor

GRANT!PATEL! said...

And I wish to see naught but panties on that big big morotbike.

If and when yoiu talk your folks into buying it for you. Black enamel, shiny chrome, and palest ivory skin so velvety so soft.

--Grant Silkencharmer

Eric at the post office who isn't in the business of issuing licences with word "dog" scratched out and the word "cat" written in in crayon said...

You, are a loony.