Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Petite gold skin, crash helmet, lace most excellently!

The notorious panty stealer Atboth presumes to call me an "all-round perverse fetishist"!
How he should dare! The nerve of him! He does not know the half of it only! And I am extremely upset. Extremely!
Because were it not for my very good offices, little miss Wong would have no one to compare him to, and would inevitably come concluding that Atboth himself, NOT Mister Grant Patel Esquire (which is me!) is the world's big pervert. He should thank me kindly.
But okay, it is a plaesure. He is welcome.

As is described but imperfectly here:

What, you want undoubtedly to know, is the pretext of this outrage? And I shall tell you.
Miss Snooky Wong wishes a motorbike for her graduation, that being an event scheduled in the future when she has finished high school - probably Lowell High School (1101 Eucalyptus Dr, San Francisco, CA 94132 (415) 759-2730), and almost certainly magna or summa cum laude - and probably one or two years to come. Shabash!

She details her motor yearnings in this touching post:

I applaud most heartily this desire on her part. A delicate Cantonese maiden vrooming around San Francisco on a big macho muscle-bike is topnotch. Oh yes. Entertainments!
The sun on her golden skin, the wind in her long raven hair, the delicate dark lace garters or tight constrictive frilly undergarments of enticement only, and the matte-finished helmet for protecting of the head, these are all things of utmost goodness.

Any other clothing, not so much. As it would get in the way. And might get snagged in the roaring motor. Only further thing would be high-heeled pumps in black or blood red.

Black lace for pale creamy, dark dark brown for a warm tan color.

Miss Wong, the moment you have your motorbike, let me know please. I shall with gladness invite you to my home for lovely photos. Before and after! The young lady posing against the shiny steel. A warm thigh seductively clamped around the metal frame. A delicate hand upon the saddle.
A plate of zesty prawn curry and rice shall be yours!
Even before then. I am keen to discuss this matter. And givien your temper, oh small spit-fiery one, I fear you need a lawyer soonest.
Legal shielding denoues into affection, no doubt. It is a prospect.

In addition to law, I am also expert at various garmentings and accoutrementies for the teenage famele person's fine athletic body, and can advise you excellently.
Let desperation be your guide!


More anonymous than before said...

That plate of zesty prawn curry is almost irresistable, I do not ccomprehend why the evil Chinese mincks of which you speak rejects your warm and comforting hands of friendliness. What is she, made of ice? A cold little fish, perhaps. Alas! I grieve for your sore longing, my good man!

---Anonymous Again

Anal Rapist said...

She sounds like the perfect person for me anally rape!

Anal Rapist said...

Anal rape!

litigiously amphibious said...

Out of interest, Patel Sahib: do you often find that "legal shielding denous into affection"? If so, than you must have a much smaller practice than I had hitherto suspected.

GRANT!PATEL! said...

There is always a first time. And it will be good. Very good.

Consider it being in loco parentis. Not to say, in loco prurientis.

---Green Doctor

GRANT!PATEL! said...

About which no finer concept.

---Greenspunt Kinderpongy

pithily amphibious said...

Loco something.

Steffy said...

Um, prawn curry? Do you cook?

Anonymous said...

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